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Default Another Scam

Well, this was a new one. I received a call from a TDD call service this morning on behalf of someone portraying themselves as a deaf person and they were looking for about $4,500 in electronics from us to be shipped to them. After relaying the quotation to the TDD representative, the customer replied that they would send all applicable credit card information via e-mail and asked for my e-mail address. Shortly thereafter, the e-mail correspondence began and seemed somewhat normal. Within minutes, they had agreed to our pricing and I had the credit card information in hand. It still didn't feel right. So, I called Mastercard and had a discussion with one of their reps and relayed the information to him. As I suspected, it was fraudulent. However, the credit card number, expiration date and security code were correct. Had I just ran this, it would have went through. The Mastercard rep said that, recently, their security was breached and the information of over 40 million account holders was hacked into. The one new variable that I had not seen yet was that someone was routing the call through a TDD service. Be careful seems these crooks are coming up with something new everyday.

Oh yea...and Go Colts!
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Thanks for sharing!
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They use the TDD service for two reasons, it's a cheap way to get around the cost of making international phone calls and you don't know where the call is being originated from. They could be calling you from Nigeria and telling you that they are in Colorado and you would never know the difference.
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I have gotten TDD calls from this poor fellow with a Cadillac Escalade broken down in New York. They tell me he wants to have it towed to my shop for repairs. He will send a check ahead of the car being delivered (nice guy I suppose) to more than cover the tow charges. New York to South Texas. You could probably buy another POS for less than that tow. I got this call twice in the last couple years.
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Be aware that if someone gives your (2) $1500 money orders from Walmart...THEY ARE COUNTERFIT!!! just don't ask how I know
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This is very helpful.
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Had the office phones forwarded to my cell Cristmas day and got one of those calls. Told them we where closed for the holidays. The company i used to work for got burned pretty bad on that deal, shipping parts to nigeria.
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