Steaks=Rare, Med or Burned?

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Wow! 7 pages? I like my steak so rare it moo's when I stick it with my fork and could give a rat's azz what anyone else thinks about that. Many a time I've had to chase it around my plate as it runs from my knife
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Did we scare away the sissies who faint at the sight of blood yet?
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Do you guys eat raw squirrel, raw rabbit, raw chicken, raw deer, raw possum, raw armadillo, raw pork, raw hamburger, etc.??? ;?

Can't understand why "raw/rare" is so "tasty" - like chewin' on rubber bands, IMHO? ;?

Gonna' get that "tricklenoseis" thing goin'!

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"Oh, just knock its horns off, wipe its nasty ass, and chunk it right here on this plate."
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Originally Posted by wildgeechi View Post
Not giving a rats ass how your actions effect others. That's not being courteous. A courteous person takes in to account how their actions might effect others.

Did I really need to explain that?
It is "affects," not "effects." Your deplorable spelling is hurting me. Could you please refrain from further posting? Thanks, I knew you would understand.
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Medium rare ,so it is a little warm outside ,but really bloody inside . Why kill the nutritional value by having it burned? I do not any other land animal this way ,but the only way i eat fish is raw .

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