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Default Passwords

I would imagine a lot of forum member may have the same problem I do. I just have too damn many passwords, for too many things. From my IT network where I'm employed, to my bank and credit card accounts, to boating/fishing forums, and that's just the beginning. How do you all keep up this all your passwords. I really don't feel comfortable writing them down. My Blackberry (co. issued) has a "Password Keeper" feature; is this a safe place to store the information? Of course I will need a secure password to access it, but at least then I only need to really remember one. Help, please.
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Three numbers
Three letters
Three special characters


Or reverse 'em.
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Send them to me, I'll monitor them for you....

So far I've been lucky and remember them all, there all some variation of the same meaning...
I have a blackberry and thought of putting them in much risk I think?
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Same problem here. I try to keep them the same but all the sudden a site will require 8 letters, a symbol or number in addition to letters, etc. God only knows how many times I've had to click the "forgot username" or "forgot password" links and then I usually give the wrong e-mail address forgetting if I set it up for home or the office.

The big bitch is that I'm an independent insurance agent and we represent several companies. The IT people at the insurance companies insist on changing passwords every 60 days or so. Not a big deal? How bout 11 employees times 12 companies changing passwords 6 times a year. 11 x 12 x 6 = 792 freaking passwords.

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I AGREE, too many things i have to use different passwords and id's for and it is a PITA
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I knew I wasn't the only one having this problem.
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