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Greg Manning 01-16-2010 08:51 AM

Lost my best setter a few years ago....still think of her every time I see a point. I love all my dogs but some are truly special.

Mike Boehler 01-16-2010 01:40 PM

thanks everyone. It is totally obvious that lots of folks on a sportsmans message board like this have pets, bird dogs, retrievers, etc.. that are family members.

Hopefully once in a while when someone starts a thread such as this one, we are reminded how special they are to us, hopefully while they are still with us, so we can treat them as they treat us. All too often, we have stressful days at work, or bad days at home, and it is way too easy to yell at our pups, just because we are frustrated with something else in life.

Life is tough, but please don't take it out on your dog. He loves you regardless of anything in life.

I'll never forget the look in Luke's eye when I miss a bird after a perfect point and hold. If words could come from a Brittany's mouth, they would have been,
ARE YOU KIDDING ME! You Gun dog owners know what I'm talking about.

Originally Posted by LuckyLaRue (Post 2723224)
Sorry for the loss of part of the family, I hope this is OK with you. The first photo is a great shot of Luke. I just took out the large piece of grass or weed that was in front of him.

Fantastic! I love this photo and you made it that much better for us! Thank You!

LuckyLaRue 01-16-2010 04:23 PM

Fantastic! I love this photo and you made it that much better for us! Thank You![/quote]

Your welcome, :thumbsup:

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