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Default Tebow

Think he can make it in the NFL??? Why or Why not?
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Nope. Weak arm, bad decision-maker, injury -prone. At best, he'll be a 5th rounder...

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I'm not sure.

I do know that since he likes to cry, Tireless cannot wait to welcome him to the Falcons.

Big Al
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Who is he
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Not as a QB. Slooooowwwww delivery. Long wind-up ala Byron Leftwich. Slow release. That is the bad news.

He is a special leader and no, I am not a Gator fan. Good arm, big strong guy.

I am not sure he will be good for a NFL locker-room even though I believe he is a good character guy. I question whether his overt religion will rub some teammates wrong. The crying won't cut it in the NFL.

Again, I am not a Gator fan. A Georgia Tech fan so no attitude towards him.
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Killer SLOW delievery.....what's he like he's playing scrum in the park with the ladies?
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Scrambling quarterbacks RARELY make it in the NFL.

Everyboady in the NFL is big, strong and fast. Reggie Bush still hasn't figured that out yet.
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When you look at all the NFL QB's not sure he has the QB talent but something about him tells me that most will very surprised.

Like it or not young man is a leader and a winner and if he gets in the right situation he could turn out to be a great QB in the NFL if not he will end up being a great coach somewhere in D-1 college

Time will tell, being a Carolina Panthers fan I can not help but think he would work out great in their scheme but not sure who will draft him
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Tprice I think you pegged it. I suspect he'll be a successful college football coach one day.
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Originally Posted by CMP View Post
injury -prone.
Seriously? He missed one quarter in four years.

I don't think he has a weak arm, but his delivery does take an eternity......
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someone will draft him to run a wildcat, and he'll be good at it. he may not be an every down guy but hell play no doubt. and CMP, he's definitely got some issues, but he definitely isn't injury prone, and his arm strength and decision making aren't really issues, it's his slow release and the fact he's run a college offense where he hasn't had to make reads. yeah he doesn't have aaron rodgers arm but let's not compare him to the best in the leaague thats not fair. I can guarantee he would be better than jemarcus russell, and he was the no. 1 pick, so goes to show you, ya never know?

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Probably not. Crying is not allowed among men.
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Dont see him making it as a QB but who knows, he's coming to the Senior Bowl as a QB so we'll see. His slow release and when he drops his arm almost to his side are major issues. I still think he'll go late 1st early 2nd but in all likely hood he will be an H back (wildcat) or in all probability a tight end. He is big kid with phenominal sp? talent.

Roll Tide!!!
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I can understand the grief he has caught over that picture but to me it shows the passion he has for football and winning, I see it every year from high school players after they play that last game even though some will go onto college (and I have seen a couple that went onto NFL) careers it is still tough to leave that sport behind, more so than any other.

I also understand how you AL fans enjoyed the moment when you won the SEC and then onto the BCS NC

Only thing I did not like about Tebow was he did not play at Clemson even though that was not an option I am sure.
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Take what I say very lightly on Tebow,I don't like what the press and media has done to this kid over the past 4yrs..its disgusting to me. I guess when you get right down to it I dont like him either,mainly because of his press build up. I would be VERY surprised if Timmy boy makes it as a QB,no need to repeat the reasons every1 has already listed. For awhile I thought,as others do,that Tim would fit into a Wildcat offense...Miami. Now I just dont see that happening,at all. To put it bluntly Tim is a sloooow,fairly big white guy. This guy is going to be taking some major abuse running like he does in the NFL.(Please no one remind me of the Kentucky hit he took and how he came back to beat SC.....2 weeks later) As far as wanting to win, I'm over that arguement, I would say most NFL players "want" to win.....who the fck "wants" to lose. Of coarse Tim cant handle losing well either another strike against him. I will say he is a good leader,and role model.I dont see that making him a good player in the NFL.
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An NFL team is going to have to make the decision as to whether or not they want to retrain him to throw the ball differently. That is his only real major fault.... that arm drop is a blueprint for disaster in the NFL.

He has the mental capacity to run the offense, he has the leadership skills, being able to run is a plus but after a few NFL linebacker hits he will think twice about blasting out of the pocket.

As far as the whole "emotional" thing, he is a KID... what kid do you know comes out of college with a real life handle on anything.

He will get drafted as a QB, but way down in the draft. Nobody will waste a top round draft pick on someone they basically have to start all over with just to sit on the bench....

Oh, yeah, I am a HUGE Gators fan.... and this kid is very possibly the best COLLEGE ballplayer that has ever stepped on the field.
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5th round draft pic he would be a steal.
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If the NFL coaches and GMs thought he was going to be a high draft choice QB expected to step on the field and succeed, we would have heard about it by now. Their silence speaks volumes. That being said, there have been many examples of QBs with lower expectations that have made it big in the NFL.
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He is smart and can read a defense. I think he has it upstairs to run an NFL offense. I just don't think he has the physical atributes that the scouts look for today. They want a Tom Brady, Drew Breeze, Phillip Rivers, Ben Rothlesburger type guy. Tebow could be a good hybrid type guy. Maybe a tightend that could be split out at times. A guy who understands how to get open against certain defensive scemes and make a few clutch catches. I wouldn't mind seeing the Panthers pick him up in round 2. We have 2 marginal quarterbacks as it is. The way our ownership and coaches reward failure at that position he couldn't fail.
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