time shares?

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Default time shares?

I sat through a presentation about time shares in exchange for a free hotel stay recently. The initial cost of $16,000 was an obvious turnoff and I walked. But the concept seemed reasonable (buy a week, rent it or exchange for another time/location if you want), so I've been doing a bit more research on them.

Ebay has listings that seem like you get the entire timeshare for basically only maintenance costs (like this one: I realize the maintenance costs are still expensive, like $500-1000 per year.

The results of my research show that it's not a good investment if you pay full price. But what if you're only paying maintenance? $50/month for a week's accomodations someplace nice doesn't seem bad.

I would only be interested in this if I could exchange the time/location for something else or rent if I couldn't use it. I have no interest in going to the same place at the same time every year.

Can anybody offer any advice? Thanks!
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Exchanging it involves another expense like RCI.

I stayed at my friends timeshare (Worldmark) which was different in that you bought points. With a certain amount of points, you qualified for certain locations. You never have to get tied to one location. We stayed in Maui and it was great.
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We live in MD and have one at Blue Tree in Orlando with a floating week. You are not locked in to only one specific week. All weeks there are considered RED. This means it will trade any time of year for any other place. RED= most desirable.
It is about 1-2 miles from one of the entrances to Disney World.
We have been to multiple presentations and this one seemed good for the long term.
Disney is always going to be there....I hope...
Some T.S. use different colors for least desirable, mid and most desirable.

I.I., Interval International, is the company we go through to use other places. It can be frustrating.

Never bite on the prices however low they may seem at first.
Tell them No thanks and start getting up to walk.
They will bring in their "Up line" manager (like a car salesman)
No matter what they say, say no thank you. The price will keep falling.
They can smell it if you have the money.
Wear you worst clothes.
They are some of the most fake people I have ever met. How they don't think potential prospects can't see through them I don't know.
We kept them going so long they wanted to leave, that's when we knew we were at their bottom price.

One guy told us in Williamsburg, VA., that their place was the most sought after place in the USA.
I said, "In the entire USA!!!!!?"
He said "Yes"
I said "Over Disney, Vegas, all the ocean front resorts, ski resorts, etc.!!!?"
He still said "Yes"
I told him he was full of it.

No offense to the VA people. It was nice but not the best in the entire country.
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Years ago my parents bought a week timeshare with RCI. Seems like at the time they paid about $5K for a Red week(keep in mind this was over 20 years ago). They also have a house at Isle of Palms in Charleston and I honestly thought they were nuts but between them, my Sister and her family and me and my family we have really used it a lot.

The key is the RED week which pretty much lets you exchange anywhere you want to go anytime of year.

They also have the optioin of "banking" weeks if nobody uses them, in fact they have a couple of weeks banked now that I am may move to Islamorada for us to use along with my Wife's sister and bro in law. We figure by swapping the time share to Caloosa Cove we can save enough to rent a boat in the Keys in lieu of towing mine 750 miles.

It seems like the exchange is a few hundred bucks but not sure since I have not used it in a while.

Couple of notes I think I am correct in that you can only bank up to two years and if you do not use it after two years you loose it but never been a problem if Mom sees she is going to loose a week she will let someone know in the family just to go somewhere different.

My Wife's Sister and Bro in law purchased one in the Piegon Forge TN area but they got a week in the spring and it works for them but with that week it is nearly impossible to move it to a summer time week

Be sure and pay the extra and get the premium week but also shop around, lot of folks will sell their weeks very cheap right now and I know there are some agencies that all they deal in are timeshares. Honestly do not know what you have to look for as far as transfer fees and etc but I would read all the fine print
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If your young and grab the right properties it can benfit you.

I played golf with a older man who owns somewhere close to 12-15 different shares, and he has prime weeks at prime resorts.

He told me he sells back high traffic weeks (Spring Break, 4th of July, Labor day, ect) in exchange they often added weeks through out the reg seasons. His kids each get one week a year, he and his wife travel with couples who play golf and and are able to make use of say middle October, they go to some very nice places and with his ability to resell weeks it cost him very little.

Hope it helps,
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I use to think back in the early 80's when my buddie bragged about his parents time shares that its sounded awesome and that they had money!

now over the past two decades of hearing war stories about time shares..

I really could not care a Rats Arse about them.
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Thanks for all the replies, they helped!

So after some more research and thinking about it, I think we're going to hold off FOR NOW. The idea seems reasonable, but for us, right now, it doesn't make sense. Here's why:

Almost all our "vacations" are short (2-4 days), and have one or more of the following for free: car, place to stay, and travel to/from destination. That's because we usually extend work trips (free travel to/from, place to stay, free place to stay, free car), visit friends or family (free place to stay, free car), stay within a few hours drive (cheap travel to/from, have our own car), or camp (cheap travel to/from, cheap place to stay, have our own car). We stay in hotels maybe 1-2 nights per year, if that. Also there are only two of us.

I think time shares are best suited for people who go for a week or more and stay in a hotel. Like a family trip to disney, the beach, or skiing. Right now, that's just not us. One day, maybe.

Anyway, thanks for the responses.
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