Snow again in S. Louisiana

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Default Snow again in S. Louisiana

For the 2nd straight year.

I have about an inch on snow covering the cars and garden right now.

Awfully cold for all that "warming"
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Good for you guys, it's good to breath that crisp clean air. Personally I love it! If fact I couldn't see myself living without it, I would miss it.

As far as the global warming thing goes, I'll say this much, we've had Two summers in a row that were VERY uncharacteristic of this area, if next summer is anything like the past two then I'll know for certain the weather system is major league screwed up!
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Snow here in Baton Rouge too. My son is 20 yrs old and can't remember ever seeing snow here except last year. I know it snowed once when he was an infant but he doesn't remember that one, obviously. Would like to know if it's EVER snowed here 2 years in a row before. Certainly not in my lifetime.

Yep, global warming is a bitch.
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