Turkeys in my yard

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Default Turkeys in my yard

Looked out my window to see two turkeys in my yard. No they weren't Capt Jack or Menzies.
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You got yourself a Drake and a Hen there bud....You need to have some gun powder at the end of that scope of that camera, that Tom Gobbler would be mighty got him on the run, he looks tamed to me.

Big R
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Heat up the oil in the fryer.....or was that the oven.....or the rotisserie.....or the grill, again!
Whatever, just heat something up quick we got us a bird to cook!
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We have them all over the place up around me now too. Deer also made a big comeback.
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Wild Turkey is for drinking. Them things ain't fitting to eat, they are alot better to look at then to cook. Way to gamey for me, I'll never kill another.
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Send me a 14 pound one will ya!
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Ahhh the elusive wild
Set some corn out, get you bow out, heat up the deep fryer.

Originally Posted by BIG R JR View Post
You got yourself a Drake and a Hen there bud....
Those are wild turkeys, not ducks. Therefore it's Jake for a young male or a Tom for mature male and a Gennie for a young female and Hen for a mature female. But to me they both look like hens.
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wild turkey tastes the best!
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