My county NEEDS me!

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Default My county NEEDS me!

Went to the mailbox this P.M. and WA-LAAAA - a letter from the county with "LEGAL NOTICE ENCLOSED" stamped on it. ;?


I have NEVER served on jury duty in my life and, having lived in this county for some 22 YEARS, always wondered why I hadn't been called? ;? I DID get a "questionaire" from them about "potential" jury duty about 6mo. or so ago, and thought it may be a "sign".

They sent a pamphlet about it and it appears I COULD have been asked to serve for as long as 4 MONTHS! BUT, my "time of service" is only from Nov. 17 - Dec. 14! I'm retired, so it's not going to be a hardship or anything - I look forward to doing it!

I realize I may not even GET to "sit", do to the various circumstances controlled by the attorneys, "last minute settlements", jury selection process, striking names, etc., but I hope I'll be able to participate!

$30/day (WHEN/IF you serve) - amount set by the state legislature.

Hope they don't find out/ask about the 5 restraining orders (3 at Victoria's Secret) still in effect, or the "pending" charge of "unlawful procurement of utensils" thing that happened at Cracker Barrel??? ;?

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Just go in there and say you hate the defendants nationality. You will be off before the attorney can even send his bill out.

Good Luck any way you go!
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Just tell them that they are guilty until proven innocent. Works every time.
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I've done it once, as a's an experience I'll say.
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I got summoned by the county in July and then by the Feds in Oct, but never git the call to go in.

My line, "The cops wouldn't have arrested him if he wasn't guilty!"
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$30! Missus just did it and got $15!
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Originally Posted by Menzies View Post
$30! Missus just did it and got $15!

Double her money, move to VA!
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One good thing about Mass is that 1 day of service and you're good for 3 more years of not getting called. There is no way in hell I could be gone from work for that long and I'm salary.

I spend about 30 bucks a day after tax!

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