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Default Woodstock

With the diverse people on THT, did anyone attend Woodstock?
Know anyone who did attend.

It's on The History Channel right now, Sat. 9:00pm.
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I don't remember.
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I wasn't around yet for the original, but I did go to the 25th anniversary back in 1994. I know, I know, not the same so don't bash me!!! But this is the closest my generation will ever get. This was NOT the one with all of the fights and destruction (that was the 30th in 1999). The 25th was very peaceful and quite enjoyable. Got to see many of the original performers along with most of the great bands of my time. 3 days of music but we were there for 5 days. Best part was, I ordered 3 tickets and TicketMaster sent 15 !! The face value was $110 each, so I sold the extra tickets to pay for the trip and cover all of our necessary "supplies" for the concert . We even got into one of the photos used on the CD liner and were in the movie they made about it!!! Overall one of the best experiences of my life!!! Seeing the cloud of smoke rise above 200,000 people when Dylan sang "Everybody Must Get Stoned" was classic!! And I can't even begin to describe how we tried to pay homage to the original with our "free love" !!!!!! Ahh, the good old days! I think I'm going to go dig out the pics I have and reminisce!!
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No, didn't go to Woodstock. We went to WitStock this year:

A bit different from Woodstock, but certain themes carried over
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I was in the Navy. Saw it for the first time in Bombay, India in '70. We watched it a couple of times, I think. Ran out of munchies.
One of my sisters and BIL were there. Sorry, Jack, both still alive, healthy, and wealthy.
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I was twelve and my mother said no.
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