Any TV experts?

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Default Any TV experts?

Maybe someone can explain this...

New Sony Bravia 32" LCD...27 days old. It's at my ex-mother-in -law's house. I live close by.
Hooked to a Comcast digital converter box
Not sure if this has anything to do with it but we had a really bad rain and lightning storm yesterday.
She had the TV turned off during the storm. Goes to turn it on after the storm and gets sound but no picture while on cable. The banners that appear at the bottom of the screen showing the channel and current program are coming up. This tells me that it's getting an input from the cable. So I'm thinking possible problem with the TV.
I go over this morning to check it out. I disconnect my converter box and take it with me to patch in to see if her box is bad. First, however, I switch the TV to the DVD input and put in a disc. OK, I have a picture on DVD so I figure, great, it's not a problem with the brand new TV. I turn off the DVD player and switch the TV back to the cable input and guess what?....I now have a picture on cable and all is fine. I cycled everything on and off several times and still everything is good.
While I'm relieved that everything works OK, I am curious as to why this would happen. I have never experienced anything like this and am concerned that there may be a potential problem with the TV that I would be off addressing now while it's still exchangeable at Best Buy.
Hopefully, there is a simple explanation. Can anyone provide one? Thanks a lot.
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that is a problem with the cable box, not the tv. sounds like the box just needed to be reset.
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Converter boxes are far inferior to the TV set. I'm on Time Warner and you can bet every day there is line in the office for replacement boxes unscientific atlanta crap.
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Its not the TV, it still does not work on her box? This happens to us 2-3 times a year with comcast. Usually after a thunderstorm or a power outage. Its taken up to 3 hours for the cable box to reboot and acquirer all the info again. How long did you leave her box on for while hooked up to the TV? It could be that simple. Call Comcast and have them reset the box.
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agree it is the cable box
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Thanks for the help guys. I suspected the box but wasn't sure. Just wanted to be sure that I don't have a problem with the TV. Cable boxes for standard service are new to us here in NJ. Comcast has been taking away channels over the last year and we've had to go to digital boxes to get them back.
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Don't forget with a Bravia if the cable is connected to the back and not the side inputs you have to be on TV/Video 5 to get reception,
maybe when you put the cd was on some other TV channel and it worked...

Sometimes is a simple thing, I know when I set up my Bravia
I was expecting to get the DTV reception on Channel 3 like my other Sony
and it did not work, only after 3 days I figure it out.

I did not read the instructions...

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