Buying Local Rant!

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Default Buying Local Rant!

I mostly buy stuff from the internet, but here in CharlestonSC lately I have noticed a lot of local business going under. Being a business owner myself I said to myself going forward I am going to try and buy stuff local, help out the local economy.
So back on the 4th of July I pulled an idiotic move and scratched the boat, no problem I will order some gel coat repair paste and fix it up.
So on July 23rd, I finally get around to ordering the paste, so I look to see if there is a dealer near by that I could order from instead of the internet. There is so I call them up and place the order, I tell the lady I want second day air. Well today is the 28th and still no shipment. Well just now I get an email with the tracking number, great I think, it will be here in the next day or so.
Plug the tracking number into the ups web page and it says the shipment is out for delivery today, GREAT!, unfortunately in ColumbiaMD, and not Charleston SC. So I call the dealer and get the lady on the phone and ask her about that? She states she doesn’t know why they shipped it there and to wait a couple of days and see if it shows up? WTF? So I say well can’t you put me on hold and call them to see what the deal is, she says no here is the number you call them!
I mean come on, seriously so I call up Brunswick, and the guy acted like I woke him from a good sleep, he confirms yep it went to Maryland, great what about me? He mumbles something about he would look into it and let me know what he finds out.
Yeah I am sure he is going to jump right on it, so it looks like I might as well just order it from the web.
Oh well I had good intentions from the beginning.
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Now you understand why some of those smaller places are closing up. The ones who can get it right, all of the time, will remain in business.

Big Al
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No good deed goes unpunished. I went out of my way to buy American made New Balance shoes. Paid $120 for a pair of tennis court shoes. The fraggin quarter inch strap that holds the eye on was not stitched but instead glued on. Imagine that - the eye for the laces was being held on by a smear of contact glue..It pulled off of course. I had to take the shoes back for an exchange 'cus I didnt keep the receipt.
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During the summer I live in a resort, an island no less. ANYTHING I can buy here is ridiculously more expensive than driving 1/2 hour or more onto the mainland... The internet and UPS have spoiled me. AND, rarely do I screw up my order.... About the only thing I buy around home is food in a restaurant, bait, and gas for my boat. Of course, there isn't much more for sale except real estate.... McMansions and Condos put everybody out of business around here.
I think half the reason I love Stuart FL in the winter is the convenience. for example, I took my GF's daughters car in for repairs today.... 17 miles. In Stuart I can have my Harley, my Porsche, and my Tahoe worked on by reliable specialty shops within walking distance! I don't mind walking 2 miles, even in motorcycle boots LOL
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There's always the 9.5% penalty (sales tax)you pay for buying local here. It's not hard to find free shipping and no sales tax on the net. Seriously, 9.5% is a LOT of money on big ticket items. Saved $400 on recent purchase of a downdraft cooktop... $300 on price and $100 in shipping. When are they going to realize that obscene tax rates kill business? Wish I could figure a way around it on vehicles, but they get you when you register.
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I work in Columbia. What color is the paint, and can I use some?
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it is perl white so if you can use it, then by all means, cause I am not ever going to see it.
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Its sad when its that difficult to get gel paste.

Do dealers not give a rats ass anymore?
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I was shopping for an audio snake, the cheapest I could find one localy was $550 Ca. Bought one from ebay vender freeshippingaudio. They had it in MI (my pickup office) from Tennesee in 2 days! That was after my rant to them about thier PITA payment procedures, they replied with a very professional email back and the deal was done. $182.99 (USD) and I used it for a show last night! Im impressed.
Id love to buy locally all the time, but its just not realistic. Why cany one of the 4 local music stores here order one for me, mark it up say 30 bucks and make a customer happy? but no.. they gotta get greedy, just like buddy that wanted $550 to do a wheel bearing in my 2001 blazer 4x4, bought the bearing myself ($120) the tool to install it ($20) and did it myself in less than an hour. Saved myself $300 there. My first loyalty is to MYSELF!
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Interesting, it costs less to do the job yourself.
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I tried to support local, but no way can or will they compete with on line retailers...whether it's boat accessories/electronics, or bicycle parts/frames, or cameras, or racks for your vehicle, or tires for your vehicles, locals can't, and WON'T compete....and yes, the sales tax savings is a big plus, but technically, you're supposed to report these taxes to your state as owed, but I say screw them, and let them audit me. I recently purchased a gas Weber on the internet, with free delivery and no sales tax...saved over $200.00...that's gas money for a season of boating for many.
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You know the kick in the pants is I don't mind paying more then internet. I don't mind driving over there, but when they also give you terrible service well thats it.

I guess its back to the internet for purchases.

Talk about local businesses going under the shoneys near my office just closed, things are getting tight here in chuck town.
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I understand why you are mad, but this sounds like more of an issue with the shipping company, not the shop you ordered it from.
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I used to work at a small retail space and I understand that many of the products that we sold were available cheaper over the internet, BUT why do you then come to my place of business and complain when you have a problem with said product. We would have people come in all the time saying "we got this on the internet, ebay, whatever and we can't figure out how to use it etc., can you show me how? They would always get pissy when I wuold tell them to call the internet or ebay, since they got such a good deal there maybe they'll get real good help there too. In my area it seems that the Mom and Pop stores will bend over backwards to help you out so I will spend a little more at their stores.
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Food shopping I've always insisted that we buy milk and bread from two local companies...UNTIL recently when my wife pointed out that they were both more than $2 higher than the store brand. That ended that real quick.
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If you're asking for second day air, you're not buying locally to begin with.
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