Back to the Neurosurgeon today

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Default Back to the Neurosurgeon today

What a roller coaster of stuff. I was hit back in Nov ran over by a red light runner I was the second car in line and I did not make it T-boned about 55 MPH he was multi tasking go figure .Back and forth with Doc's I had all 3 of these Epidural Corticosteroid Injections the last one knocked a hole in my spinal cord, there is a whole new kind of pain patched me up and now I have been healing up from that for a few months. On the 6 th of Aug now I have a Myelogram that will be done I'm glad all I want to know is how bad I am or not. I'm still numb in my leg burning in my back and swelling that makes me feel like I have been kicked in the . I'm on drugs have the time that make me feel retarded, OK to be political correct, mentally challenged. Taken my whole life from me as far as doing anything can't fish . As I sit and waited for something to happen for the better as far as my back goes, nothing never changed yes some days good and others, just shoot me get it over with. Yeah talking about fishing is good but you know and I know its not the same. sitting on the sidelines. I want to play I want to try out my own gear and fish with many of you. Patience is what I'm learning, and its hard at 46, and now next month will really tell the tail I hope.
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Keep pushing the doctors.

My wife went through similar, and it took 3 years to get her spine repaired, and NONE of the tests (we did them all) showed the rupture that was instantly clear to the surgeon when he entered her spinal canal. Took 2 more surgeries to due re-rupture. Thankfully she has been good to go for the past 3 years. C4-5 & C5-6. Keep your spirits up, keep the pain meds to a minimum, and keep pounding on your docs.

The Mylogram is no picnic..... and it is not definitive.

Big Al
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