Beware of internet scams!!!

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Default Beware of internet scams!!!

I have been looking everywhere for a good price on a used or new radar. Craigslist is usually a place to check. I almost got sucked in on an internet scam. Someone placed an ad for closing store and selling off their inverntory due to sick husband. They listed all kinds of marine electronics. They were asking $900 for a brand new Furuno 1715. Sounded convincing at first but then "She" had asked for payment through Western Union. I asked for a phone number but she claimed I couldnt call her because she is always at the hospital at her husband's bed side. I gave her my number but she wouldnt call me. She would only comunicate through email and would only accept payment through Western Union since they had been burned before (yea right) We sent several emails back and fourth because I wouldnt send payment without talking with a real person first. Then I came up with a brain storm. I told her my friend lived close by and I would have him swing by with cash. This is when I knew it was a scam! She refused and said she would not deal in person with people from the internet because she didnt know who they are. I responded with "do you know everyone that walks in your store!!!" No response now.
By the way the ad was placed in Rochester New York but the Western Union address was in Miami. It has scam written all over it. If I didnt know any better I may have fallen for it. I'm sure many have.
Heres a link to the ad.
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I'm in the market for an RV and have been searching all over the Internet, and have sent a few people emails asking to contact me (and giving my cell#) and I never hear a word from them! So, are they making money somehow off getting my email and phone number??? I just don't get it. Are there people out there getting paid to get other peoples email and phone #'s?????
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I've sent email to people on CL for stuff -- nothing expensive, either -- and not a soul has ever responded to any of my notes.
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I've never had a bad experience on craigs list. It is supposed to be local people dealing locally in person and always has been for me.
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Some people wont bother responding if they already sold the item. They should pull the ad. I just bought a used Furuno Radar from CL last night. I spoke with the person over the phone and had several conversations and exchanged several emails with him. Seems like a very nice guy. I paid him through paypal with a credit card. I am confident that this is a good transaction but he still has the ad listed. I will call and remind him to remove the ad. It happens. I have done the same but I always respond to emails saying Sorry it is sold.
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