New Zealand moved

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Default New Zealand moved

you guys hear this? heard it this morning, after an earthquake theyre now a foot closer to australia? how does that work? i mean, they have to redraw charts and stuff? I guess its only a foot, but i'd think it could have changed some changed channels a bit. kind of interesting...
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How do 'they' know NZ is a foot closer -- someone out there with a measuring tape stretched to Oz?
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Islands in the Hawaiian archipelago move every year..
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lol, maybe it takes more or less time to fly there? sounds like airfares are still the same. this article says the southern island actually expanded 30 cm's.

"A massive earthquake last week has brought New Zealand closer to Australia, scientists say. The 7.8 magnitude quake in the Tasman Sea has expanded New Zealand's South Island westwards by about 30cm (12in).
But correspondents say that with more than 2,250km (1,400 miles) separating the countries, the narrowing will not exactly be visible.
Nor, as the New Zealand media have observed, is it likely to bring cheaper air fares."
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How many earthquakes til it's off NC? I hear it pretty nice there.
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I remember reading about this a few years ago when gps started to become popular with cadastral surveys. The surveyor defined some pieces of property with lat and lon and when it sold a decade later the new owner had the property resurveyed only to find that the old lat and lon were now different.
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I am on my way home from New Zealand now. I don't think it was the earthquake. I think it is the winds that moved the islands. I have never been in a place with soo much wind! We flew into Wellington and landed in winds that felt like 80 mph. The airport was functioning like normal.
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