Rat eating infant to death

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Default Rat eating infant to death

How do you not hear the baby crying?
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Oh Hell no!!

“The people that should be responsible for this is the landlord.”

You cant hear a baby crying from the nextroom?!?!?!
The parents are reponsible here.
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It sickens me to think that people could or would live in those conditions. Holes in the walls, floor and roof? Patch them, even if it's just a piece of plywood nailed over the hole. How hard could it be?

They're poor and have no money, the landlord should have fixed it with FEMA money, yada, yada , yada. Just having rats run around in your house should be a call to action long before a tragedy like this can occur.

But I bet they had plenty of cigarettes and beer.
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I like the part about they are good parents.
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I refuse to click on that link.
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