Wakeup call for me. Jobless.

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Is that one position or two separate positions? If I come across anyone I work with that is willing to relocate I can pass them along.
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Stinger--PM sent.
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Yep... part of that club..... .laid off Feb 18th. Fly corporate/private jets for a living. Finally after over 80 resumes out the door... finally....may have a lead on a job that might actually pan out.....
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I hate to admit it, but I am in this club as well. Our contract at KSC in Florida ended the end of September 08 and I am still looking. Like others have mentioned I also have had some low ball offers that I did not take. I had a couple of interviews, but apparently the jobs may have gone to someone who may have been more qualified. I am an I.T Senior Analyst in Central Florida if anyone knows of any openings I would sure like to here about them.
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Ray Zor,

Take some time and get your head togheter do those things you stated above and then START YOUR OWN COMPANY. If you are specialized as you say and you are good at it you have a very marketable product. Obviously I don't know what it is you do other then sell software of some sort for something. Contact all the people you did business with and advertise you will work with them as an independant consultant. If there is competing software are you capapble of consulting on that product as well? Does competing software have strengths that you can now expoit? Show business or what ever it is how to use it more efficiently? To me it is a perfect opportunity to provide service to the clients you serviced and then some cheaper then the company you worked for or your competition.

That is what I would do.

PS- can't get the spell check to down load please ignore miss spellings.
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Originally Posted by Ray Zor View Post
Veteran reps cut, newbies not cut. No rhyme or reason.
Sure there's reason, newbies are cheap. Vets are a bigger hit to the monthly payroll. If the company's going to tank might as well make the last few months be as inexpensive as possible. It's not necessarily sound logic for the long term but when a company is struggling there often is no long term. That and and it's easier to 'bait' the newbies with fantasies of 'growth opportunities' than it is to convince veterans to take a pay cut. The newbies think they're being sold 'growth material' but the vets can smell shit from a mile away. Sometimes it works and things do recover and grow. But more often than not the newbies learn an important lesson about being misled and getting the stinky end of the stick. That said, sucks to hear about it. Don't mope, get busy with both the job search and catching up on all the 'to do' list stuff in your life.
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Been playin' catchup on honey-do list and a bit of boating/fishing with family.
All is well. Have had 2 well known software companies contact me after they heard the news. I know the CEO of one. Had a nice chat last week and will be on a conf call 9am this morning with another. So things are looking up. Things may not be as bad as they seem out there. I think my previous company had a knee-jerk reaction that may hurt them in the longrun. Oh well, we'll see.............
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I can relate to so many of your story's. I was a construction co. owner That worked with a bigger co. I over seen all operations for him .Made them millions and I got the boot after 13 years. That was a huge blow .I did have my river guide business I was doing okay had my commercial salmon boat .That was tuff cost of fuel, closures etc. I sold that boat for half of what I paid for it I was sinking I left the west coast Oregon my home state and moved to Texas I did small construction jobs etc. I was doing alright was looking to move to-wards the Gulf area and got T-boned from a guy that ran a red light at about 50 MPH after his skid smacked me a good one that was last Nov. But I had a lot of fishing gear and I know a lot of people in the buss. and started rigging up gear I do okay considering I can't do anything else from the wreck at 46. I started inventing lures and today my lures will reach the field tester for live action. I feel good about the fishing stuff I talk to a lot of people around the world and I get to do something that I love. My father is up there in age and I hope to fish with him yet some more

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