The Bastards Got in my boat

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Default The Bastards Got in my boat

I have a waterfront condo in a small retirement commuinty in Crystal River Florida. My bay boat sits at my dock maybe 45' behind my condo.
Yesterday I offered to take a neighbor out fishing and he met me at the boat.
While my wife was getting the sanwiches together I started to get my neighbor set up with a rod and reel.
I pulled out my spare rod from the rod locker and handed him a hook and weight to rig the pole. I then when to get my other 3 poles we have been using to get them ready.
Well I can't find the dam rods, I think I'm having a brain fart ;? but low and behold they are gone.
I fish almost everyday and I keep the poles stored in the console rod holders on the dock side of my boat.
Some Bastard got on my boat and removed (stole) my three rods and reels. This has never happened here before.
There are close to a hundred boats parked at the docks here at any given day and no one has ever had anything taken until now.
I can't tell you how badly this has pissed me off.
If who ever the S.O. B. is that took the rods needed a pole I would have given him one, but to steal one is just darned upsetting. Now I am worried about my GPS, Depth Finder, VHF Radio Etc.

May a hoard of camel fleas infest the robbers arm pits for all of eternity, and a Pox be upon him forever.
Just had to get that off my chest.
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Sorry to hear about that. The way to handle a thief is one place where I find myself in agreement with the middle east.
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A guy posted on the FS forum that his gas tank was taken too.

It happens a lot unfortunately.
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If it makes you feel better in any way... happened to me too... here is the result...
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Sorry to hear about your loss and yes that is certainly enough to piss ya off. For the future you can rig a an alarm that is rigged with trip strings (made off mono of course) that is fairly inexpensive but I would always pull my rods and reels off my boat as they are so easily stolen, again sorry the scum bags gotcha
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I've had it happen a few times now. Really gets under the skin... I started taking my GPS home and I don't leave much on the boat. It really sucks to not be able to trust people... I hate thieves.... Sorry about your lose.
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Bullet to the head. Out to sea. Chop up the corps, and have a fine day shark fishing. I hate a thief, and it's high time they were delt with in a serious manner. O.k, maybe in a case like this, killing the bastard is a bit extreem, but as fishnutz said, middle east style punishment is absolutley in order here. IMO, a thief is only a step away from murder, what good is a thief? Taking from those that work hard and PAY for what they have...hey, no. I can easily turn this political, but, I don't want it sent to the bilge because of me.
Sorry to hear about your rods, that sucks.
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You leave your stuff draggin sooner or later somebody gonna take it from you!
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My boat is in dri storage and I leave all my internationals in the hardtop launchers for all to see, however, I'm 30+ feet in the air and in a secured facility. Anyone dumb enough to climb up will probably be a quadraplegic from hitting the cement.

You may want to install a motion detector connected up to your boat horn.
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Happened to me Friday night at our house on Lake Lanier. I had left a rod out with a bait but secured and low drag. went back down to the boat Saturday morning and the rod is gone. So I think a catfish had pulled it in. Later I started looking for my tackle box and it was gone. All told they took 3 tackle boxes and one nice Shimano rod and reel. I hate to think what I spent on all that tackle. Years of "collecting". I did learn that I need some type of documentation of what gear I have. An inventory of rods and reels and some digital pictures of tackle boxes and the such. As the police stated, there are no serial numbers or way to track the stuff if it shows up at a pawn shop. I also may start marking the rods and reels with a dremel up under the reel seat or something.

They really are some sorry ass bastards.
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Sorry to here that.Here in Naples they just take the boat.
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Thieves really suck! What would be worse is if these guys fished with your stuff IMO!
Sorry for the loss of your stuff, I know what it feels like too! I had my car stolen!
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I had someone go through 3 boats in my yard last week.they didnt take anything and not sure what they where looking for but I have never had any problem here before.
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Was supposed to meet up with a friend on Saturday, he called to tell me he couldn't go because his boat had been ran sacked and they stole some stuff. Looks like it is happening all over.
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That is just rediculus, They should be whipped with the rod.
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I feel for you, Had two poles stolen off my boat the end of last season. I don't leave anything unlocked on boat anymore. I even put a lock on the Y cable for my shore power. SAD.
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I don't think there is one person on this forum that hasn't been a victim of theft. These days you can't assume your stuff is safe no matter what the stuff is or where you keep it. You have to keep it locked up, especially something as easy to snatch as rods out in the open.

Sorry for your loss, I'm sure it ruined your fishing day. Keep the new rods secure so you can keep fishing every day.

You're a lucky guy, not because of the theft in any way but because you get to fish every day.
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Had my whole boat stolen and stripped from my hunting camp about ten years ago and didnt get it back for another 4 years. Had a brand new Honda four wheeler stolen. Had 3 of my International 50's stolen. Rebuilt the boat and now its in my driveway in the WPB area. Got a call from the fiance a few weeks telling me that someone stole my custom boat cover -- the kind that works around a t-top. Turned out that call was an April Fools joke, she didnt think I'd be so pissed to lose it "it's just a cover, how much could it cost?" haha she got me good. Sorry to hear about all the theft. Lord knows I've had my share...just makes you learn to be paranoid and lock everything and trust almost no one. Sad that its had to come to that just to be able to keep things you've worked your a$$ off for.
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After having 6 rods stolen off our boat at Cabbage Key 15 years ago, everything that is not bolted down comes off every night. Shoot, I get nervous just going into a restaurant for lunch if I don't have direct line of sight on the boat and even if I do, I don't leave the keys on the boat.
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I feel your pain. Had someone go in my truck Sunday night. Made off with my pistol, GPS, CD's, and the spare key to the Admiral's car. Sheriff and insurance are all but worthless. Seems the economy has more low-lifes out in the street.

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