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Default jet dock

Wondering if anyone has had experiences with drive on floating docks like jet dock. I'm sure they work well for jet skis ,but really wondering how well I could get my 25' Parker on and off of one. Local regs prevent a conventional lift due to our canal being too narrow.;?
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Do a search in the general forum you'll find a bunch of info on them.
I remember one guy that had a larger size boat on one that didn't have a good time. He posted a photo of his boat, rear section covered with barni's and a deep gash under his eye from a line snapping and catching him in the face when trying to get his boat off the dock.
Not saying the system is bad or flawed, only that it may not be the best application for a larger boat.
I've got an air dock system and am OK with it. No raves but it does work, I just had to find my way around it.
I do have a slow leak which I can't find and to have the company find/fix it I've got to ship it back.
I'll live with the slow leak. It hold up for 2 weeks before needing another puff of air. This will be my 4th season now and so far good enough.
Hope this all helps.
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Since the jet dock has to have enough flotation to lift the boat, I'd expect it to be quite a bit bigger than a pair of cradles on a lift. If you set the lift up with no guides on the channel side I'd expect it to be narrower than the floating dock arrangement, just as most trailers dont' extend out past the rubrails on a boat unless they have side guides..
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I have 2 for jetskis they are easy to get up on with the skis, but putting them back in the water is a pain and we are just talking about 800lbs. I know once you get into the bigger jet docks they actually lower into the water for bigger boats not sure how much this helps.
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Sorry Dennis, but you get the sign big time!

I'm sure many of us would love to have you hang around here, including myself, but you can't be peddling your product without becoming a vendor first.
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Hello, we have a 19 ft boat on a JetDock. We are the 2nd owners of both and had a terrible time launching the boat at first. After talking with JetDock and sending them some pictures of our configuration, we purchased the "Inner bunks" which are nothing more than two long pipes that run down the center channel of the dock. After installing them, we sprayed the surface of the pipes with "Liquid Roller". This made a huge difference and we no longer have to use the winch to dock or launch the boat. Additionally, the boat now sits up properly on the dock and completely out of the water. Having said all that, I would certainly reccommend JetDock, just make sure the dock is designed to the specs of your boat.

Also, xtreme00, have you tried using Liquid Roller or something similar? It makes the surface slick as ice and may help launchiing those jet skis.
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Default Question

I have a friend with a Whaler who has been using a drive on dock for a few years. He has had some damage to his hull from the dock. Has any one else out there heard of these type issues?
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I had to pass on Jet Dock due to cost and went Airdock. Like the other poster, no raves just yet, but it is reasonably priced and gets the boat out of the water. That is all I wanted.

EDIT: I will say the PVC frame Airdock sells is pretty slick. It goes together quickly and easily and is remarkably sturdy.

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A policeman at Atlantic Beach told me that if he could find a way to untie the one they have, and let it float out to sea....he would. An elevator lift would be what I would look for in the narrow channel instance.

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