Choosing a JOB- Help me

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Default Choosing a JOB- Help me

Well let me tell you a little about myself and then you can help me decide. I'll be graduating in May from NC State in Mechanical Engineering. I have 3 job offers from some good companies.

Siemens Energy

If you are not familiar with these companies, please keep you comments to yourself. All three offers are for 2 year engineering leadership programs in which I would work at 3 locations across the US/Mexico/Canada. The locations will not be determinded until I accept the offers .

I know what I'm thinking, but curious as to what you have to say about these choices. All are within a few $k of each other, so thats not really a factor.
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I'm not going to offer you any advice on which job to take but I will say congratulations on your graduation and an "attaboy" for pursuing an engineering career.

I hate when you ask a college age person what their major is and they say "Political Science" GMAFB

Whatever your choice, I'm sure you'll be off to a good start in your new career.

Best wishes and good luck to you

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Congrats on having the offers in this tough job market!

Goodrich, the aerospace and defense supplier, right?

I would probably lean towards Siemens or ABB; energy will be a key focus for the economy for years to come - aerospace and defense probably not so much.
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Having had a father that was an engineer for Goodrich aerospace and a brother and uncle that worked for Goodrich research in the Tire division, I would suggest NOT making Goodrich a long term work place....Might be a good place to start thou...

Congrads BTW better to have choices then none..

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I have two in college now, congratulations on starting something and following it through to the end and getting three offers. One of my son's good friends is out with an engineering degree also.
Sorry I can't suggest anything about your choices but with every other word now a days is something about "Green", even though I don't agree with a lot of it, that may be where the future is.
I wish you the best.
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Great! Congrads!!!
Now, get ZTR and go cut grass- pays more... Are you up to work for someone?
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Go with the company that offers the most extensive training program. Their programs may all sound about the same but I doubt they are. See if you can get in touch with some of the current employees in the programs and see what they say.

Since there is a very good chance you will only work for the company for 7 years (or less), go with the company that will give you the best experience for your next employer. For a new graduate, that is training.

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Congrats on the engineering degree, I am sure you worked your ass off for it. Best of Luck in the future!
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Go with whichever one has more government or military contracts. Do the time there learning which private companies have a solid foothold and then make the jump. If you work hard, you'll get noticed and picked up for a much higher paying job at a smaller company doing defense work or something similar.

Congrats. Any of the three will be what you make of it!

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