Stocks, anyone selling??

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Default Stocks, anyone selling??

with the recent run up over the past 5 days wondering if anyone is selling now.
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yup. taking 75% of profits and getting ready to short into moving averages
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i've been thinkingof selling some of my stuff and staying a way for a little while. Just wondering if I should go ahead now before profit taking starts a drop
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nope, still buying into today but writing some calls. Friday should be interesting..Quadruple witching!!
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Sold a few things for profit today but it all comes down to what you paid for it.
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every trade has a buyer and a seller. It killed me last week that the FAS didn't drop from profit taking at the end of the day. Just goes to show there were plenty of "bigger fools" willing to hold it over the weekend. With the run up again this week I have to believe it is in for a major dump Friday.
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I made a true day-trade today. I took a position early this morning and by 2:15pm, after the major announcement by the Government, whatever it was, the stock price roared up $2 and ended up going up to a bit over $4 from the day's low, I happily sold and took my easy-money. About every stock out there spiked up higher at around 2:15pm today, higher and faster than I have ever seen in the past 5 months, it was incredible as I'm always long so when things go up, I both sell and make money. So to answer the OP's question, yes, I'm selling AND buying.

It is so hard to tell whether things are actually getting bullish or if it is a bear market bounce, but if the past few months have been any indication, things will be up and down for a while. I read that there will be no V-shaped recovery as in things went down, hit a bottom and will just start going back up even though the past few days seem like it.

Like My Turn says, if everyone believes in selling before the weekend, then everyone will sell and take their profits.

As always, don't listen to me, I'm just a ". . . copier repairman." (What movie was that from?)
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I have fought the urge to sell on the other bounces. I am pumping money in looking about 10+ years out but I am up about 70% right now and might just pull the trigger and then hop back in on the downside....assuming we have another downside.

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