Man vs. Shark

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Default Man vs. Shark

Spear fisherman Craig Clasen got more than he bargained for when an encounter with a 12-foot tiger shark turned into a two-hour long fight for survival in the Gulf of Mexico.
Pictures here:

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I saw the story. The "attack" sounds a little bogus. In my opinion, these guys (and they have some sack) decided to film themselves killing a shark. Took them two hours or so to finish it.

I am impressed by their cahones, but they should have the balls to say they did it (and filmed it) because they thought it was cool.

I am not sure how cool it is to hunt and kill something with no intention of eating it.

still, pretty ballsy though
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I agree, i think they set out to hunt and kill the shark too.

Looking at the pictures kind of reminded me of seeing the bull fights in Mexico.
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"This was one of the most remorseful moments I have ever had in all of my years in hunting and fishing," he said."

"A deadly staring contest followed, Clasen said. The shark spent the next several minutes trying to circle behind Clasen and McInnis. The friends hoped it would give up and leave, but its circles grew even tighter."

Well now, why the heck wouldn’t the divers have gotten out of the water???? I could NOT see the remorse sensation thing happening if one is fighting for their life. But I could/ can see the remorse thing happening if one was killing the thing for sport or a perceived pleasure.
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I was at one of the outter islands off So. Calif, spearfishing by myself. Saw a flash out of the corner of my eye, thought it was a white sea bass, proceeded to stalk it. It wasn't a white sea bass -- and anything you heard about Fluffy (great white) not being able to swim in kelp is bull dukie pie!!! That thing did exactly as described in that article, increasingly smaller circles. I'm hugging the bottom of the ocean going back to the boat, swimming like a corkscrew to keep my eyes on it. The scarest moment was having to slowly surface knowing the king of beast in the ocean prefers to feed a the surface -- and there was a planton bloom in to the top 15-ft of water. I had to surface blind then surface swim back to the boat knowing Fluffy can see me and/or detect me, tho I couldn't see him.

It remains the single most beautiful creature I have seen in the water, nothing like seeing them on TV. They are so friggin' graceful, smooth, move through the water with no effort at all. It is immediately obvious I was out of my realm. And the rows of teeth on the lower jaw spilling out of its mouth ... In 1/2-second I went from being mesmerized by its beauty to thinking "I'm lunch!" As Fluffy was circling I could see its eye focusing on my, studying different parts. Curious or studying how to attack me? -- I don't know, but Fluffy wasn't going away.

When you are in the water with one of those things, and it wants you, you do not stand a chance. I don't care how many spears you have, how many knives -- that thing can cover a distance greater than a speargun can shoot and be on top of you before you can squeeze off the trigger.

When I first saw the flash of white going between the kelp, I'm thinking "fish", fish swim in cricles or arcs. I turn 120-degrees and take off into the kelp to intercept its acr, wait for it to come by to nail it. It's not there, I see it move between kelp further out, still swimming in a arc, still the same distance from me. Again, a turn 120-degrees and go to intercept it. Same thing -- it moved out again! We did this for a few iteration before I saw it swim though a clearing in the kelp and got a look at it --oops! As I was leaving the area it started moving in closer. I say again, there is no way on the planet a diver, no matter how well equipped with pointy toys, can survive one of those things if it wants you.

I have no idea how long Fluffy was watching me before I saw it. When I think about it, I still wonder if I would be here today if I did not catch the initial glimpse of it passing through the kelp, of if I didn't mistake Fluffy for a fish and try to go after it or if I ignored it.

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