Vegitation control

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Default Vegitation control


My friend and I have a dirt bike track and it's difficult to control the vegetation during the summer. (south central PA)

The vegetation is dormant right now. Should I spray veg killer now or later in the spring ?

Thanks !
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IMO there is no sense in spraying now; isn't your ground still frozen? I'd wait till the weeds start to grow before I'd spray. What are you going to spray, tons of free antifreeze from the auto wreckers?
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It's recently warmed up . I'll probably spray with full strength bleach, $1 gal @ WM or Roundup.
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Wait till its green and fairly warm and spray it with Crossbow, which is 2,4,D and Tricloipyr (sp?). That will burn it down in a couple of days. Do not spray it on a windy day or anywhere near a farm. 2,4,D will walk a quarter of a mile and damage tomatoes.
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Round Up is outstanding stuff, a miracle chemical achievement. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!! It does not work well if over-applied, or under-applied. Follow the directions and it is really good stuff.

You need to apply RU when the vegetation is growing. The more vigorous the growth, the better it works. Spring is the best time to hit it. After spraying you will not see any result for about 10-days. DO NOT SPRAY AGAIN! After about 10-days, overnight, everything will go yellow, and then dead.

After spraying RU, take your shoes off before you walk across your yard.
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Couldn't you just ride more?
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Whats the name of the stuff the driveway pavers use to kill weeds before the lay down hotmix? It is a permanent weed killer and blocker. Much stronger that round-up. Burns your nose when they spray it....Tri something....

Or just use a flame thrower - cuz they're cool.
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get some salt
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Grassguy is right. Might also try Dow's ForeFront (same company as the CrossBow). I've used both products which are very closely related. Remember that any sprayer that you have any of these products in should not be used to spray most vegetable crops because the residue cannot be removed well enough to prevent crop injury, especially to tomato, pepper and eggplant.
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Having worked in the field of killing weeds research, your safest bet is roundup with a surfactant (soap) Just mix it up and add some drops of liquid soap, this will help it stick to the plant a little better insuring it kills it. Im not sure what the stuff costs anymore but it is the safest probly and shouldnt be too costly.


No need to go overboard with some fancy killer when the basic will do, you could also use sandea, but break out your credit card for that crap

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