Boyd Coddington

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Default Boyd Coddington

I had no idea he died. I was watching WC Customs and they said he died. I thought I was hearing things. I guess I was in Iraq and did not hear. Man that sucks. I really liked him.
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Default Re: Boyd Coddington

Yea, several months ago. At least his legacy, great street rods, will live on.
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Default Re: Boyd Coddington

Seems like it was back in the fall and he had some type of illness.

Sure did love his cars and I am not even much of a car guy
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Default Re: Boyd Coddington

Coddington died on February 27, 2008. His publicist stated that Coddington was a long-time diabetic who died from complications that were brought on from a recent surgery along with liver and kidney complications.
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Default Re: Boyd Coddington

What was the deal between him and Chip Foose? From watching the show him seemed to push his guys just a little too far. It seemed like each season he would have a few of them bail and go work for Foose.
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Default Re: Boyd Coddington

That was why Chip left. Too many hours. In one of the Overhaulin shows Chip was in tears because it was the first time he was able to take his 4 or 5 year old daughter trick or treating.

I personally think all the rushing and deadlines are to make the TV show interesting. Same with American Chopper. If you want a Boyd, Foose or Toutle? creation why would you want it ASAP? It's a work of art. Those guys will tell YOU when your car or bike is ready.
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Default Re: Boyd Coddington

His cars sure were cool but the constant being behind schedule got old quick. I know it's made for TV drama but is that the best way to entertain viewers? Let me see, if I was Boyd and have been building cars for 30 years, and I was cronically late on completion, I would think to myself, time to quit promising 4 days for a 4 week project. Nah, that would be too easy. SWEET CARS THOUGH
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