Phone Phishing?

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Default Phone Phishing?

I got a recorded call today on my cell that claimed to be from a bank ( didn't catch the name). It stated that my account was closed and that is I wanted to re-activate it, I should push #1. I hung up. When I got home I did a reverse look up and found that it was in Montreal, Canada. I search T-Mobile's website and found nothing to report it like Pay Pal and Ebay have. Does anyone know if the cell companies investigate these type calls? I know I'd like to ring someone's neck.
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Default Re: Phone Phishing?

It gets a lot worse. They are spoofing or masking the called I'd
So it looks like the call is coming from your bank. People think
They are dealing with their bank and divulge private info. If I get
A call I hang up and call them back before discussing any
Sensitive info and I don't call the number on the caller id.
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Default RE: Phone Phishing?

Unfortunatly, you'll find there is little incentive to do any enforcement. Credit theft rages on, yet convictions are virtually non-existant. If your home is burglarized, you'll find that the police report is often done over the phone and there is little or no investigation. If boat theft is any indication of how thin the forces of law are stretched, phone phising is not going to even make the radar screen.
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Default Re: Phone Phishing?

Time to start a company to deal with these ass ho mayby a new business OP.
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Default Re: Phone Phishing?

Go to the site and you can make a report. I would say yto you, that this type of scheme is so out of control, it is nearly impossible to catch the persons doing this.
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Default Re: Phone Phishing?

ladyjane - 2/6/2009 8:46 AM

Time to start a company to deal with these ass ho mayby a new business OP.
I don't think it is going to go over well when you put 'hit man' as your occupation on your 1040.
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