Thanks, but no thanks, IBM

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Default Thanks, but no thanks, IBM

What a great company - don't you think?

IBM to laid-off: Want a job in India?Employeeswho would otherwise face layoffs from their North American jobs at IBMare being given the chance to work abroad through 'Project Match.'

NEWYORK (CNN) -- IBM employees being laid off in North America now have analternative to joining the growing ranks of the unemployed - work forthe company abroad.

Big Blue is offering its outgoing workers inthe United States and Canada a chance to take an IBM job in India,Nigeria, Russia or other countries.

Here's the full story . . .

So - we've got to downsize . . . but hey, If you're willing to move you and your family overseas - so we can be free to abuse you - we'll gladly pay you the local wage.

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Default RE: Thanks, but no thanks, IBM

Gee, how American of them!


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Default Re: Thanks, but no thanks, IBM

I was just reading that. I bet some will do it. Tax free for a portion of earnings.
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Default Re: Thanks, but no thanks, IBM

I say they all start their own company and call it FIBM!
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