Good Chefs' knives

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Default Good Chefs' knives

The admiral is starting to complain about the wedding set of knives she got 37 years ago. I know, it's always something, isn't it?? Heck, they spread peanut butter just fine and can get through 3-strand in pretty good time...but what do I know?

The current model of RH Forshner seem to have plastic handles instead of wood. Would those of you that like good knives and know current quality please offer up some Brands that might work for her.

(honestly, we sharpen those knives a time or two a year at a pro's shop, but she's a pretty neat chefette, so maybe giving her a new toy or two for the kitchen will have its rewards)
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

There are many levels of brands. I have some Henkels both low end for the second house and rather $$$ for the main, or should I say base house. What level of coin do you want to spend? Knives are like fine objects. Drag the cutting edge across the cutting board and watch me scream. What's so hard about flipping the blade over and using the backside for scraping your cuttings into the pan or trash can? ;? Just because the cooking bitches drag a blade not knowing or caring how to sharpen it doesn't matter!!!! Please tell me how hard it is?

There are some nice blades out there. How bad do you want to burn money? They are not dishwasher safe.
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

I love my wusthof Classic's, and have also used the Shun series by Kershaw, which I found to be very impressive as well.
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

Off the mainstream, the George Tichbourne knives (handmade in Canada) could be the last knives you will ever own -- IF you are comfortable with them. The handles are light years ahead of any of those mass produced knives coming out of Germany, listed above. (All of those knives are the same.) The balance of the Tichbourne knives will have you wanted to cut more, it just feels good in the hand. They are heavy knives, professional grade, intended to be used all day long. They hold an edge like none of the German knives, more like the Japanese high carbon-steel knives. Because they are highly polished stainless steel, nothing sticks to them. A little warm water and wipe with a soapy sponge. Done. Do not use any kind of scrubber or abrasive. It is not needed.

A set of the K1, K3, and K6 is everything you will need in the kitchen. I also bought the K18 but ended up giving it away as a gift, keeping just the those three knives. I also have the K2 but never use it. The K1 does everything the K2 can do. The K3 is smaller, a better fit for a woman's hand than the K6. The K6 takes some using to get used to, but after that there is no going back. 'Brains' is asking about a K5 for her smaller hand...but that implies she's going to cook.

If you are considering the Tichbourne knives but are not sure, order just the K1 and check it out. I'll bet your wife grabs that K1 before any other knife in her kitchen.

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Default RE: Good Chefs' knives

Knives are highly subjective. What appeals to one person, may not to another. If you are looking for reasonably priced good quality knives, look at MAC, Victorinox, Global, and Masahiro.

Up another level would be Hattori HD, Hattori FH, Hiromoto, Misono, and Masahiro

If price is no object, Hattori KD Damascus

For a very versatile knive try a Santoku style with Granton (sometimes called a hollow) edge.

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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

Spyderco Caly 3 and be done with it.
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

Costco had a 10 piece set of Henckels for $179.00.

Never put a high quality knife in the dishwasher.

When we were in Italy last year, we went to one of their factory stores. They had some expensive knives. cm_re=1_en-_-Top_Left_Nav-_-Top_search<=en-US&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Sp=S&N=5000043&whse=BC&Dx=m ode+matchallpartial&Ntk=Text_Search&Dr=P_CatalogNa me:BC&Ne=4000000&D=Henckels&Ntt=Henckels&No=0&Ntx= mode+matchallpartial&Nty=1&topnav=&s=1
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

Wusthoff classic. Go to a store and ask them if you can hold one of the knives. Check out the balance and construction. The steel they use on good knives is a little soft so that you can get a very sharp edge. The 8" Wusthoff chef's knife is probably going to run between $150 and $200.
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

I like Ontario knives - but they are into cheap combat knives and machettes.

For the home we just got a Chicago Cutlery set as a gift and love them. Henckles are always safe. Make sure the blade metal goes thru the handle, These are all DW safe. 1 to 300 bucks depeding mostly on design and size of set. Very sharp and stay sharp. The CUTCO sorta stuff is fine also but way too pricey. Kohls has 3 or 4 of the major brands for about 40 to 60% off most the time. If you have a Costco nearby - we don't - try there also.

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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

I have had a set of Cold Steel Kitchen Classics for about 3 years and like them very much. For the price the are hard to beat.
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

I used to butcher back some 30 years ago. My kitchen knives are a hogg-pogg of knives. Yes I could buy pretty
knives with matching handles but I haven't. I'm after knives that take a great edge and responses well on a high
quality honing steel.
F. Dick Dickeron - steels

IMO the shape of the knife dictates what task the knife is for. Different tasks a knife is supposed to perform
dictates what metal is used in that knife. Therefore I’m after knives that are best suited for the task at hand
and not after pretty knives.

I have found many expensive brands of knives do not take well to a honing steel, the knife’s steel is to hard.
Yes the steel/ knife might take a good edge when sharpened on a stone, but the knife is not maintainable on a
honing steel. Therefore I have no interest in that type of knife. And I am certainly not interested in a knife set
that has a file as a honing steel.

If I were to buy a set of knives I’d probably buy these
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Default RE: Good Chefs' knives

Here is a good read on knife testing.

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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

Henchels, Wusthoff are in my kitchen. I cut alot. My personal preference is a sharp knife, no matter whose name is on it. If you currently only take your knives in once or twice a yeart to be sharpened, I beleive you either don't cut alot, or you use a relatively dull knife most of the time. Buy some decent knives, but invest in a good two-stage electric sharpener. Learn how to use it correctly. Get in the habit of sharpening the blades every three or four times you use the knives.

Good luck.
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

My neighbors son was selling Cutco knives back 5 years ago and he hit us up for about $275 for a 5 piece knife set. So far they have held up great
and I have no complaints. I'm sure there are better knives on the market but hey it was the neighbors son trying to earn a buck while off on summer break.
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

I almost hate to admit it, but I have the Miracle blade III knives. A THT thread on fillet knives had a few people on it saying how sharp the knive was and how well it held the blade.
bought a set. 50 bucks or so.

They are ridiculously sharp, and they have not dulled at all since I got them. 1 year ago, and many fish on the filet knife.
No real secret to them, they are just heavily serrated.
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

Lots of good advice and choices above.

I think for the money, the Dexter Russel and Forschner are really hard to beat. What a value! The are relatively easy to sharpen, the "Sani Safe" handles are actually kind of cool, allot of grip.

I like the German knives, but they are very hard steel. I have that "one of everything" mentality with knives, I will buy one I like, and use it, if it doesnt work out for me, I will pass it on to one of my Chef sisters.

I have come to love the Shun knives, particularly the Ken Onion models because of there design. They only need to be sharpened maybe once a year, I just use the Shun steel to tune them up.

I have found that the big store block knives (Farner ware, calphalon etc) are junk as a rule, the steel is junk, the rest is commentary.

I use my knives allot more than average I think, that is why I landed on the Shuns, the comfort of the handel and design put into balance etc. Get a 8 inch and a 10 inch Ken Onion and a 6 inclassic, you are prepared for most anything. But of course you will end up with like, 10 more.
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Default Re: Good Chefs' knives

Thats funny Ken about the Miracle blades. I bought a set about 6 years ago and we still use the steak knives and bread knife to this day. My wife decided about 4 years ago to start purchasing Wusthoff. She probably has about ten different ones now. If I use them I sharpen them about every 3 or 4 times I use them. They work great for slicing jerky. One of these days we need to get new steak knives.
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Default RE: Good Chefs' knives

I will second the Global knives. My wife is a trained chef and she has been through all the usual suspects in the past 20 years working in a kitchen. The Global's have been her favorite to date since they are more comfortable for her to use (tendon transplant in her pinky) and, according to her, hold an edge longer.

They are all stainless (handle and all) and Global has replaced the paring knife 3 years after the initial purchase (mailed in the broken one and received a new one a week later). If you are interested, there is a company call Metro Kitchen in ATL that usually has a good rate on a set.

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