check out this pos

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Default check out this pos

this guy is unbelievable
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Default Re: check out this pos

The real sad part is if you read about what his non profit was doing. They really had something good going and it'll probably die on the vine.
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Default Re: check out this pos

Sad. He is a compulsive liar that wanted to do something good but felt obligated to lie.

I saw a report on tv that there are a few "vets" in GA that are under investigation. They may not have served in the military at all!
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Default Re: check out this pos

Everyone wants to jump on the band wagon. For mosy it is about serving, not earning.
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Default Re: check out this pos

I knew a guy years ago that did the same thing. Claimed he had been in Viet Nam, Had seen action, had friends killed, etc. Whenever asked for details he would clam up and say he didn't want to talk about it, the memories were too painful.

I didn't really like him but since he was married to a long time friend I put up with his bull as much as I could. He was one of those guys who always had a story that was always better than your's. If you caught a 30lb dolphin, he had caught a 40lb'er "just the other day". If you hit on a hot stock, he had already bought in at a lower price. Of course, nobody ever saw his great accomplishments.

He was finally found out at Christmas when he and his wife (my friend) were at his mother's for dinner. The women were gabbing away as they do while cleaning up and my friend mentioned his service. The mother told her that he had never been in the service. As you can imagine, the conversation went from bad to worse as more lies were exposed.

To make a long story short, the marriage didn't last much longer. He also got fired from his job, his boss was a Korean war vet who didn't like him lying about his service.

I don't know how these guy's think they can get away with this type of thing. I also don't understand their motivation for it. There must be some mental illness involved.
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Default Re: check out this pos

Rangers and special operators can smell a fake from mile away.
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Default Re: check out this pos

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Default Re: check out this pos

A lot of dicks like him jumped on the bandwagon after 911 claiming to be firefighters.
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Default RE: check out this pos

Too bad he had to lie. He was doing something honorable and with his real record I'd have respected his service as it was.

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