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emudryj - 1/31/2009 8:36 PM

Back-in-Black - 1/30/2009 11:23 AM

was quoted 4.875 about 2 weeks ago on a 30 yr fixed, new purchase.
WHO AND WHERE?!?!?!?! looking to buy a new home and that rate is awesome!!!
Regions bank. We put off purchase for probably a couple of months (scared of the economy and self employed), but my real aim was to pre-qualify anyway. Keeping in touch with mort agent and he's keeping me posted on rates. Last week got update that rate was up to 5%. This guy is pretty good. He did the refi on my current home several years ago, 15 yr fixed 4.875 too, but he's changed banks since then. At the time it was a good rate on refi but a friend got 4.5% on a 10 yr refi at about the same time. The agent is a real 'go-gitter" and he sent his bus. card via mail when he changed banks about 6 mos. ago. I will also add that the 4.875 is probably his best rate and that my credit score is over 810, so I really don't know if that rate is generally available. The rate seems to be fluctuating a good bit too so timing will probably have an impact. Good luck with it!!!
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Default Re: Mortgage Rates

Thanks Back in Black.
My current mortgage is with Regions as well so I'll work on 'em.
I have a very high credit rating and have a personal contact at local branch.
I have no prob refinancing for 10 years at 4.5!!! nice!

Thanks again.
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