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Default music guru's

My nephew who is 14 is really good on the guitar. His band just won a competiton in down town richmond, Va. For Christmas I am thinking about some mixing software, or something that he can connect the instruments to the computer and make music, and perform some recording?

Anyone mess with anything like this? All opionions welcomed!!!!
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Default Re: music guru's

the only thing i have ever heard of is garage band for the mac and it is very high dollar.
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Default Re: music guru's

Ditto. The real stuff ain't cheap. Buy him a box of guitar picks and some strings for Christmas. Ok, and maybe a quality guitar tuner.

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Default RE: music guru's

What did he win in Richmond - a "battle of the bands" kinda' thing? Interested to know? COOL!

Not sure how much you want to spend, but look at TASCAM (brand) "Portastudio" or "Pocketstudio" stuff - small, compact digital recording "system" - some of which you can plug the guitar DIRECTLY into and download to different stuff or, keep on the system. Some have some "effects" and other features on them, too!

They run around $150 (decent one) and up, I think? Guitar Center, Sam Ash, and Musician's Friend carry them. TASCAM is a well-respected brand, been around for YEARS!

Try this:

My son who works in the music industry in Nashville will be over in the next couple days and I'll ask him about some others - I think he has TASCAM at home?

Most of the "software only" stuff I've looked at was at least $60+ - and that's just SOFTWARE! The TASCAM stuff can be "mobile", which makes it more fun!

Did YOU get a guitar yet??? Timez a wastin'!

I have 3 now - if you leave them ALONE, they "multiply"!

"Music, music is my life - soothes the ears and irritates the wife!"

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