Gats for groceries

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Default Gats for groceries

L.A. trading guns for food cards

check that luger in the pic if it's a real one and they only gave him a $100 gift card for it he was robbed

do you think a private citizen could do the same thing? put up the money and keep the guns, i mean
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Default Re: Gats for groceries

The move tp disarm the general populace has begun. The politicians in DC are scared s**tless of the thought of an armed revolt. They know the stakes of the poker game they are playing with our economy but are keeping enough smoke in the air to conceal the ramifications from John Q Citizen. I wish people would wake up and see that this is the biggest erosion of freedomand government power grab the USA has ever seen. Far worse than Bush's wire taps. ....... And I hardly hear a single comment about it from people on the street. 99.9% are completely oblivious.
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