HUMVVEE Wakeboarding

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Default HUMVVEE Wakeboarding
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Default Re: HUMVVEE Wakeboarding

The only thing wrong with that is the gunners not taking
advantage of the situation for a little target practice.
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Default Re: HUMVVEE Wakeboarding

sweet! those boys deserve some fun for doing what they do! Looks like it could be a painful fall though
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Default Re: HUMVVEE Wakeboarding

We used to do that with a surfboard in a canal when I was young and dumb. What fun! The only problem was if the tow line got hung up on the bank it would yank you off sideways. We took it off the trailer hitch and tied it off to the roof rack no more problems. Don't tell my mom that's how the rack got bent.

Now I'm older and not nearly as dumb but it still looks like fun.
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Default Re: HUMVVEE Wakeboarding

Bad arse.
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Default Re: HUMVVEE Wakeboarding

i'm not surprised...those that really know where the tax payers $ goes to know what i'm talking about haha
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Default Re: HUMVVEE Wakeboarding

Cool video! I have no problem with the troops having fun. Only downside is they are covering the Humvee in salt. It is going to be a rust bucket in about 15 years.
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Default RE: HUMVVEE Wakeboarding

rust? they dont come from the factory that way? seriously they rebuild them more than you could imagine.
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