CCTV DVR question

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Default CCTV DVR question

I have a question about CCTV DVRs if anybody knows about them. I am need to replace the time laps VCR on my home CCTV system and I want to go DVR.

Problem is that I am getting confused about what features to get. I am seeing prices from $200.00 up to $2,000.00. And huge lists of options than I don't quite understand.

Here is what I have and what I need.

I have 6 cameras and a multiplexer feeding the VCR. I want to eliminate the VCR and replace it with a DVR. I know most DVRs come with built in multiplexers so if I have to eliminate my current plexer then no big deal.

What I want to be able to do with the DVR is this. I'm not interested in having it connected to my computer. I want a simple stand alone unit. I also want to be able to make copies of a recording so a built in burner would be nice. Or if there is another way I would like to know that too.

Thats pretty much it. I want it to record my 6 cameras, I want to be able to play it back on my TV and I want to be able to make a copy of an event if needed.

Oh, and I would like to spend less than 500 bucks on the unit also.

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Default Re: CCTV DVR question

Honeywell HRDX9

Easy for the end-user to operate. Built-in CD burner. Several choices of hard drive size, will will effect the price. Good quality, and will last for a reasonable period. (Thats a big problem with the crap people buy off of the internet). Not sure if you can get one for 500 bucks, though.

Good luck.
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Default Re: CCTV DVR question

Take a look at newegg, ebay, and possibly even compusa - they've started carrying some of the consumer units. It is too bad we don't have Fry's down here, last time I was in one of their stores I was amazed at the amount of DIY security/video products they had.

Of course don't forget the most important thing, hiding that DVR. It doesn't do you much good if they break into your house and steal it.

If you already have the multiplexer etc you MIGHT be able to get away with using one of the standalone CD burner DVRs out there. As I recall there were a couple models with hard drives built in that could function as regular DVRs plus burn content to a DVD later... I imagine you could program it to record "your show" in 12 hour blocks and it would automatically delete the older content as the drive filled up.

Sad that it has come to home alarms, GPS tracking systems, and home video survelliance systems in south florida. Although I have to say, even in my not-so-amazing neighborhood in Ft Lauderdale, I know people who keep boats and jetskis in their side yards without much more than a padlock on them.
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Default Re: CCTV DVR question
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Default Re: CCTV DVR question

Chris, I've had excellent service/reliability from Mitsubishi and Nuvico DVRs, but they will run more than you want to spend. Prodigy offers a complete lineup of good quality machines and this one has all you are looking for, again, except the price. Dealer cost on it is a couple hundred hugher than your budget.


8-Ch. MPEG4 DVR w/CD/RW 250GB HD 240/120 IPS


8 Channel Digital Video Recorder w/250GB HDD

MPEG-4 Compression

480fps Real-Time Display/120IPS Recording

4 Channel Audio

Dynamic IP support

Built in CD-R/RW Drive

Simutaneous Live Monitoring, Recording, Playback, Back-up and remote access

So, you might have to go with Vitek:

4 Channel DVR w/250GB HDD


4 Looping Video Inputs with 1 Spot Monitor Output

Remote Viewing over the Internet or LAN

Supports both Dynamic and Static IP Addresses

Up to 120 IPS Recording

MPEG-4 Compression

4 Channel audio

4 Alarm Inputs / 1 Relay Out (1 Relay)

Available with 250GB or 500GB HDD Storage

Supports two internal Hard Drives

Control locally via Front Panel, USB Mouse or with the Included IR Remote Control

PTZ Control over RS-485

Backup via ethernet or USB

Built-In Bandwidth Throttling

and do your backup via USB to an external memory, or buy and EverFocus. I've sold several, and they have been reliable, and although only 4 channel, it is right on your target price:


4 Channel VCR Multiplexer Replacement DVR


Simple Operations with Variable Recording Speeds at 30pps

Single Hot Swap 3.5" IDE HDD with to 300GB of Recording

High Resolution (720x480) Recording & Playback

Easy-to-Use with common VCR-like interface including Jog Dial


Configurable Motion Detection with Assignable Zones

Pre & Post Alarm

CompactFlash Slot for Archiving

Mobile Configurations also available (EDSR100M/400M)

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Default Re: CCTV DVR question

No one can reasonable recommend a digital security DVR without knowing your specific needs in detail. I suggest you invest the time to visit a local security business that can explain everything about the newer technology to you and help you understand what you need, and what is a realistic price. Then you can start shopping for which DVR unit best suits your needs. Do not overlook the video security products coming out of Korea. Quality stuff!

I built my own, PC based security video DVR using a couple of ILDVR's 3000H4C/8 CCTV cards (made in China), Intel media motherboard with 0, 1, 5, and 10 RAID and onboard graphics (no need for a video card) about $90, and RAID'ed 250GB HDDs. The slowest Pentium processor is faster than any DVR requires, about $80 online, new. Everything CaptWill lists above, and more. Building your own DVR is a hell of a lot easier than you think.

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