Halloween Mischief

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Default Halloween Mischief

Locally, the day before halloween is hell night menaing kids toilet paper trees and houses and smash pumpkins and such. Well theyapparantly have banned selling eggs and toilet paper to teens the week before halloween in my daughters town. So my daughter calls and says they spray painted her car. The cops catch the kids (they signed some of their work) and insurance will take care and all that but here is my thought. Given that parental warnings and such wont work on all kids, wouldn't it be better if we just let the kids have the freegin eggs and toilet paper? She can fortunately laugh at it as it is an older car and there are many more important things in her life, but I mean are we self destructing? What is next - ban spray paint and they use gasoline and matches? Just a thought for discussion on a slow night with very very few kids trick or treating here......

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Default Re: Halloween Mischief

I sent mine out tonight with 2 cans of shaving cream,(big in our town among the kids, He's 11) It's halloween ferchrisakes let em' have their eggs,toilet paper or shaving cream. long as it's relatively harmless,why not.
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Default Re: Halloween Mischief

Instead of banning selling toilet paper and eggs the police should make a few examples of the kids that cause the trouble, it is the same thing in my town everyone just passes it off as "kids will be kids" that is BS, it was never like that when I was a kid.
It is time to start teaching the youth of today respect for other people and other people's property, ultimatly it is the parents, we have turned into a society of me first and to hell with everyone else, and we are passing it on to our kids. Nothing is too good for kids today and there are no consequences for anything.
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Default RE: Halloween Mischief

We regulate all that in our town. The kids all gather in the town Rec center and toilet paper, andshaving cream everything in sight. Then when the 9pm curfew comes along, they walk home and tp and cream everything they can on the way home.

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