Electric chainsaw?

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Fin-chaser - 10/7/2008 6:31 AM

Look into one of the battery operated chain saws. I purchased one last year with 3 batteries and it works like a champ.

I keep all three batteries charged and never run out of juice !!!!!

What's the brand?
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Default Re: Electric chainsaw?

I have the 18" Sears 4HP electric saw and I love it. It has more power than my gas chain saw. If I can get a cord to where I am working I will use the electric over the gas saw anytime.

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I used my remmington pole saw yesterday evening to limb up 4 big trees. It works great. I used the pole to cut the limbs down and then took the pole off (very easy) to cut the limbs up. When I need to use it again next year it will fire right up. Regular gas chainsaws require 2 hours to sart and one hour of cutting when they don't get used but once a year. I was done with my work in an hour yesterday.
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Default Re: Electric chainsaw?

Love mine
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Default Re: Electric chainsaw?

Which is better Homelite (HD), Remington (Lowes), or Craftsman?
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Default Re: Electric chainsaw?

I have one, can't remember the brand, a friend is borrowing it currently.

They are great for small stuff around the house.
The best part is an electric motor has TORQUE, so if you get the blade pinched a little bit, it has the power to pull through it.
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