Car comparisons....

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Default Car comparisons....

Ok, with gas at over $3.15/gallon here, and no relief in sight, I am considering trading my G35 for a more economically sensible vehicle. Here are the cars I am considering:
Chevrolet Malibu
Honda Accord
Saturn Aura
Toyota Camry
Ford Fusion
My criteria is:
At least 21 MPG city, 28 hwy.
4-doors coupes.
Must use regular gas.
Large trunk. For all my fishing stuff....
Under $25K.
I am leaving the Nissan Altima out, since the G35 I am driving now is a jazzed up version. I would like a little more trunk space than they offer.
Can anyone provide any first-hand experiences with these cars? All 2008 models, BTW.
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Default Re: Car comparisons....

Camry or Accord - nuff said...

Why don't you have the Nissan Altima on your list? That is a wonderful driver and you can get into a well equipped model with power everything right around $20k and it will get over 30 MPG highway and in the mid-low 20's in the city with the 4 banger that will surprise you at how well it scoots and handles! The CVS transmission is very cool too and had we not purchased an SUV, we would have gotten an Altima. My in-laws liked it so much, they bought one and love it.

The Malibu is getting some great reviews too, but I don't trust any GM/Ford to hold up as well as a similarly equipped Japanese..
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Default RE: Car comparisons....

honda,if they made a honda that would pull my boat i would have one.i have had several and put right at 200k miles on all of them
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Default Re: Car comparisons....

Volvo v50. I waited till the last week of '06 and got an '06 pretty much loaded for under 25k. Make sure you get the 2.4 not the 2.5 turbo and leave out the all wheel drive and you'll get the mileage your looking for. It's a pretty neet little wagon.
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Default RE: Car comparisons....

Wolakrab I look at you and I see style, sweet boat, sweet car. Now I look at you and see the old man in the looser cruiser toyota camery . I am doing the same thing you are doing trading in my truck for a 4 cyl car its ashame it really is. Its a bigger change than you think its kinda hard to pick up girls in a ford fusion
what about a Lexus they are ranked #1 for leased problems by consumer reports of what ever company it is, I would hate to see you loose that pimp image you got
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Default RE: Car comparisons....

SurferGirl - 7/8/2006 8:08 PM

Not Toyota --- I do not like the head-rest-thingies in Toyotas. I leave the head-rest-thingies at home so they will not get in the way of my driving___pfffffft!
I recycle.
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Default Re: Car comparisons....

In Japan, Toyota is considered the apex of Japanese car quality and Honda is a good second choice.

In the USA, Honda is considered the apex of Japanese car quality and Toyota is a good second choice.

I think in the US consumer reports knocked Honda down to 2nd place and Toyota is now in 1st place because of a transmission problem in a model of Honda that effected a lot of people. Honda fixed the problem but it still counts as a quality issue to them.

Anyways, as ReelWork said, I don't think there is a need to waste your time beyond those two manfr's. Maybe also kep in mind resale values if you are optimistic about a recovering economy. In that sense Honda might be better.

Edited to add: if you think you might go gay on us you might want to consider the BMW Z3 or Z4. They are both we respected gay-guy magnets. And there are other chick cars; Pontiac and Mazda both make 'em but they don't shout "I am gay" like that BMW does.

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Default Re: Car comparisons....

Camry Hybrid.
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Default Re: Car comparisons....

Honda Accord. Wife has one and LOVES it. Great car. get the EX model with the bigger 4 cyl engine.
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Default Re: Car comparisons....

Take a good look at the Malibu, real nice vehicle. Of couse I am biased, I work for GM....
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Default RE: Car comparisons....

vw passat bought an 06 in sept 05 now have 93,000 trouble free miles, 2.0 Turbo engine, I do 80-85% highway driving conservitively and average 28-31 mpg, large trunk comfortable interior, just purchased an 08' identical to the 06 except color well equipped around 26,000 sticker around 28,000 I was fortunate to get 2,500 bucks for "VW Loyalty, and another 1,700 off for VW "friends and Family as I have a friend employed by VW corporate. I know this car wasn't on your list but thought I'd share my thoughts
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Default RE: Car comparisons....

Lots of good info given.....
I had a '06 Accord...I liked it ok, but it just wasn't me. Traded that for the G35, but with no ceiling to be seen on the price of gas, it would be a fiscally responsible move to get into a more efficient car. I guess that may mean a more menial and plain ride for this pimp....besides, the more money I save there, the more I can spend on my boat.
Out of the cars I am considering, Honda and Toyota seem to offer the better styling and performance. But they both are at the upper end of my dollar limit. I haven't looked at Volvo's...that is a consideration. I drove the Malibu today and was impressed by the styling, but given my past experience with GM products I am leery of this offering. The Saturn, also being a GM product, makes me nervous as well.
I have gotten used to the G35's power, and any move to a 4-cylinder car is going to be a big change. Like Jdizzle said, I felt like some octogenarian putzing around in that Malibu.....
I like the VW lineup, but the Passat is more money than I am looking to spend. The Jetta is sweet, but it is a smaller car. All things being equal, I'd love to own another GTI-I've had 3-but a coupe is definitely out. Gotta have 4 doors for my work. Hybrids intrigue me, but I'd like to see a true track record of them---at least 10 years---before I would buy one.
I will go ahead and test drive the Saturn, Ford, Honda, and Toyota. I'll stop by the Volvo dealership and take a look at the V50. Once that is done, I will have a better idea of which suits me the best. Keep it coming.....
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Default RE: Car comparisons....

I have an 06 Civic Hybrid....42 to 48 mpg, lots of room, no issues with about 54K highway miles on it. Will give it to my son in 3 years when he is 16 and buy another one for me. It is a great car, 3 people where I work have one and all of us are very pleased. Everytime gas goes up another 50 cents a gallon, the car looks better and better. Test drive one and you are sold. I paid 21200 for mine in September 2006.
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Default Re: Car comparisons....

I have 115k miles on my 2003 Altima and I think its got a lot of trunk space unless the redesign reduced it - only thing is needed in 4.5 years is regular oil changes and one set of brakes. One expense was subsequently reimbursed by Nissan as a recall - crank position indicator. I'd definitely buy another.
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Default RE: Car comparisons....

How bad is the mileage on a G35 that you would come out even on a trade? I'd imagine that you would lose a few thousand dollars on a dealer trade...
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Default Re: Car comparisons....

Unless you are ready to trade for other reasons, I would keep my G35. It's not exactly a gas hog, and the difference you will save from the slightly higher mileage from the 4-cylinder sedans is not enough to offset the hit from trading.
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Default Re: Car comparisons....

We bought the Camry hybrid about a year ago. Now have a little over 12,000 miles on it and, last summer, when we took several trips, got over 40 mpg on all of the trips, even on the interestates. In town, the mileage is a bit of a disappointment, but it is still over 30 in town. Unfortunately, it won't work for you since they are priced at, probably, $29,000 and up and the trunk is pretty small, although the seats lay down somewhat to give you more room for fishing stuff. Really enjoy the hybrid and the power and pickup are amazing for a little 4 cylinder engine. The electric part really kicks in when you want it to. I can get up to freeway speed by the end of a pretty short on-ramp with the Camry while my pick-up will only get up to 5 under freeway speed in the same space. The four cylinder Camry might be a good choice because the truck would be larger, but you would surely sacrifice get up and go.
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Default Re: Car comparisons....

JALICHTY - 4/17/2008 12:19 PM

We bought the Camry hybrid about a year ago. ...

55-year old Berkeley chicks that don't shave their armpits drive Toyota hybrids. Image, dude. Think about your image.

Hey, starting in 2008 Toyota will be importing more and more hybrid models into the US. Wow! Image that! Toyota, a very major Japanese concern wants to sell more models of hybrids, and Pres Shrub just happens to announce the need to reduce, well, fake greenhouse gas. Why? I dunno, but do you suppose it has anything to do with Japan holding close to $6-trillion in paper (thank you Billy Jeff Clinton and Greenspan-motherf*cker) that she has been chomping at the bits to dump on the world currency market at a time when our economy is going into the toilet has anything to do with it?


Sorry for that little tantrum outburst, Wolakrad. Yeah, Toyota is king of hybrids. In Japan the equiv of UPS delivery trucks are Toyota Hybrid trucks. They are pretty serious about it. Good stuff. And ironically, I would consider buying a Japanese hybrid right now a very American thing to do, considering the circumstances.

ETA: and one more thing...special note to the burrito-munching, taco-bending, illegal criminal aliens that work at Chateau St Jean picking grapes in the Napa Valley of California...thank you for making a fine 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon possible. Now go home!
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Default RE: Car comparisons....

We bought a new Honda Accord "SE" in June 2006 - has about 28K on it now.

EPA "highway" was 34mpg - last road trip to OBX we got 39.93mpg! Most cars don't usually get MORE than the "EPA".

Ours is the 162hp 4-banger and has PLENTY of power for us - I honestly think the car will run well over 100mph, although I've not had it above 80 or so. I WOULD like to drive the 260hp or so V-6, just out of curiosity!

I think the 2008 Hondas ALL have a little more hp.

GREAT car, but a little "stiff" on the bumps. NO problems and GREAT dealer service!

We didn't care as much for the Civic - interior-wise - as the car we were replacing ('94 Olds Cutlass Ciera) was pretty roomy.

Altima's MAY have a little larger trunk (in 2007 it (the trunk lid) was FIBERGLASS)? I didn't like the 2007 Camray "body change" - at first - but the more I see them the more I like! We bought at the "end of the model year" and had to make a quick decision - not many 2006 Accords left and NO 2006 Camrays left at the one dealer we visited.

You can probably get a NICE Honda, Camray, or Altima for $20K or a tad more. I like all of them. A V-6 in any will run more.

The Malibu looks pretty nice - maybe the largest interior and trunk of the ones on your list - not sure? But, it's HARD to beat the reliability of the others!

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Default Re: Car comparisons....

Something with diesel engine and convert it to run biodiesel.
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