Taxes and my Optometrist

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Default Taxes and my Optometrist

I recently had Lasik(another doctor performed the Lasik) redone/enhanced and scheduled a follow-up this morning. We started to discuss fishing(as usual) and how much it costs to go offshore. Then he mentioned that he mistakenly worked a full year last year. I asked, "why was that a problem"? He said, "I'm not working my ass off to pay uncle Sam a higher chunk than I already do, plus while at work, I don't get to see my kids". He said he paid 90+k yesterday in federal taxes and was extremely mad at his accountant because she should have told him where he stood in earnings for the year. Now don't get me wrong, I paid a heavy price yesterday but 90k would set me off too. He vowed to stop working after 175k this year. Wow, I wonder what it would be like if we all stopped working at a certain point? What if we all said enough is enough with the handouts. Everyone earns their keep.
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Default RE: Taxes and my Optometrist

I think we should all be allowed one Ciesta a day.......

I actually got a refund this year. Haven't had one in 7 years. If I would have known that I would have filed weeks ago.
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Default Re: Taxes and my Optometrist

What's an optimax got to do with taxes - Years ago a dentist friend of mine and I were talking, he was spittin mad, just got a call from his accountant who told him he owes $18k more. He had already been paying in lots o taxes monthly and owed this on top. Sounds a lot like my mortgage companies, they can never get the escrow correct and have to readjust the payment every year. I thought these people were supposed to be experts.
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Default RE: Taxes and my Optometrist

Remember no matter how flat the pancake is there is always two sides. You are only
hearing one side of the story. I agree that a client should never be surprised like that
if he had someone to tax planning and projections for them. Each case is different though, I had a client that I told in August of 2007 that he was going to owe about $120K come April and I even sent him reminder emails and calls each month with suggestions about what he could do to minimize it and remind him that it was coming and he was still surprised this March when I delivered his tax return and he owed about $112K so you never know. The reality is, if you make money you have to pay tax. That is just life here in America.
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