Flying and damaged luggage

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Default Flying and damaged luggage

Just got back from a weeks vacation. For the second time in a row, one of my suitcases was destroyed by the baggage handlers at Miami International. The first time they broke the wheels right off a good case. This time they broke a wheel off and tore the lock and zipper right off. This one really pisses me off because it was a high quality case I really believed they could not break it. I believe they tore the zipper off to look inside it and probably broke the wheel off it out of spite. Luckily the clothing stayed in the case. The wheel setup was very well made and I can't imagine what they had to do to break a wheel off. I'm going to send an email to American Airlines even though I know it will do no good. Maybe I'll start traveling with a large steel safe with a handle on it.
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Default Re: Flying and damaged luggage

Sorry to say, it is part of travelling. I put over 100k miles on in a year and go through luggage like you wouldn't believe. The worse is trying to get the little zipper taggie things to stay attached. Good luck with your letter though. Currently I am keeping my old beat up bag out of spite. There are no zipper deals on it so you gotta really work hard just to unzip the bag.
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Default Re: Flying and damaged luggage

pelican case ftw
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Default Re: Flying and damaged luggage

I just got a new small one for Christmas. Luckily most of my traveling is 2-3 days so I can take a bag on board or checked at the gate so I can take care of it. When we go on family vacations that is another matter. Our cases last a couple of years max, then need replaced.
We have thought about those hard cases like the Samsonite, but frankly the weight of those buggers empty make me break out in sweat just thinking about! So we buy soft sided from Ross and replace often!
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Default Re: Flying and damaged luggage

Yep, we buy the nylon cordura ones from the boat and car shows. They actually do pretty well while traveling, and as long as you don't mind some wrinkled clothes upon arrival (easily resolved) you're good to go.

Cheap enough to replace, too.
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