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Default Investments

Several members spout off about how much they made on Apple stock etc......

I did nothing but fill up the boat before winter and in 4 months got a 75% return.......
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Default Re: Investments

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Default Re: Investments

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Default Re: Investments

I'd apply for a boat equity loan.
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Default Re: Investments

Lat25 - 4/11/2008 3:23 PM

I'd apply for a boat equity loan.
And the first question will be "How much gas is in it?"

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Default Re: Investments

Its either pretty stale gas or you are about to invest in petroleum futures reel soon. But I did the same thing last year the day before election day it was 2.23 / gal and I patted myself on the back for months to come.
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Default Re: Investments

Hold T-bills to maturity and roll into new issues.
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