So how are we all doing - really?

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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

You had my wife and I rolling on the floor, hope your rectal Itch goes away. Wife screwing doctor does lower medical expenses, good luck with social services
Hint from one whos been there( only run meter backward on weekends. Everyday it runs backwards is one day free +one day taken from your bill. bottomline if your not careful you will get a negitive bill and they will owe you $. then the cops show up
Again thanks for the laugh
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Default RE: So how are we all doing - really?

I refuse to LET my life get to the point where it's all work and no fun. I belong to no one but myself, no company owns me, I do what I have to do, to remain employed. I will never give my weekends up again, I will never (as long as I have a choice) work shifts or work more than eight hours without overtime pay. Companies are quick to outsource and don't care about the workers, why should I feel any differently about whom I work for?

I come home and unless I am on call, work is the farthest thing from my mind. I don't have a wife, I don't have kids, and I actually DO have free time. Am I selfish? YES! And I don't ever plan on changing...

I will be on the water, I will have my fun... And some day I will die, and no one will care, no one will remember, I will be dust, just as I should be.

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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

NJFISH - 4/10/2008 7:29 AM

Sounds like all those silly Christmas time "family update" letters...
I know, I wish I was my cousin, his life gets better every year (for the past 20)
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

I Agree with you about never letting a company own you. I also agree that one must make time for fun and play. The rest of your post sounds like you might be a little depressed. Its been my lifes experiance that one must try to be involed in something bigger than ones self. The love and companiship of a good women is one of the most wonderful experiances possible. The comfort the love of a woman and children provide is what propells man to work. When you die my friend you will be remebered by the people who you have loved. Thats how you can live forever, in a loved ones memories.
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?


Honestly, not depressed at all! This is the life I want to lead, if my statement sounded doomy or gloomy it's only because as a realist I feel that's the truth. Unless I were to invent something to change society or do something extremely bad, it's the only way I would be remembered in the books. I honestly don't care about those things. Leaving a legacy isn't something I care about. Enjoying my life while I am alive and able to enjoy it, that's what I am about!

I'm 31 and I have already lived my midlife crisis!

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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

It's good hearing so many are doing well, and even better that others are even more miserable than me. Business is way off, and the value of my house is declining. I owe too much money. I'll live through this, and if not, I won't. F*** it. My beautiful wife (seriously pretty) of 36 years still loves me, I think.
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

Business is up over 150% over 1st quarter last year, but profits have dropped due to rising material and labor costs. I am at a point in my life that I never thought I would be: I own one waterfront home and rent a second one. I can't even sell the one in Hampton so I can by a house in Key Largo over looking Carysfort Reef and Area.

Who would of thought I can't even get $ 235K for 1/2 acre of navigable waterfont property with an updated house in Hampton.

To add insult to injury my parents retirement is going pretty $hitty, I pay half of their monthly bills and I have to buy mom a new daily driver that gets better than 15 mpg so she can commute to her part time gig with the county.

Taxes and insurance are on the way up.

My Jeep Commander also needs a $400.00 25K mile service and my BMW 540i needs new tires. My BMW E21 track car is having issues too, I was in the process of removing the head to do a full rebuild and and I broke two cyl. head bolts on Korman Stage 2 M10, and I spilled a full beer and swore in front of the neighboors kid who is know running around the neighborhood yelling "phock"

Worse of all I have not used my boat in 4 months due to a new addition to the family. Yep that addition makes things allright though.

I will probably feel better Monday when I fire a couple of guys in production that have been slacking off lately and running up my overhead, while I am at it I probably get rid of my IT guy he just can't get things to work properly with vpn connection from my virtual office in South Florida and our US Ops in Norfolk.

But for now its me and a Handle of Beam to get me through today, supposed to rain later, maybe I won't have to turn on the lawn sprinkler.

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Default RE: So how are we all doing - really?

I lost my job in June 07, saw it coming years ago. Worked for Ford and took the 4 year edu buyout, and got 50% income and health benefits for 4 years, going back to school full time on their dime. I do all the housework, cook, everything. Wife finally took a promotion after saying no 4 times, she is now a managing Broker for 30 RE agents. No secret sales are slow but she is busy, always has been. Sold my 21 CC and looking for something smaller. The worst part is dealing with a new schedule and an over zealous Algebra teacher (this semester). Our 401 K is down but we are long haulers, house value is still OK. I don't work 70-80 hours a week anymore and will NEVER do so again. I don't worry about gas prices I don't believe in negativity. Life is GOOD!
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

Its good to see that there are some that are doing well here.The building supply company I worked for in atlanta filed for bankruptcy in early jan and closed the doors.I had prepared for business to slow down and for my income to go down but I was shocked when this happened.My wife stays at home with our twins and we had another child due in early march so it was pretty stressful.Fortunately we have always saved a little for a rainy day and had really started cutting back last spring when we could see that business was going to slow.I took a couple of months off because my wife was on bedrest for the last 5 weeks of her pregnancy and to help her when the baby was born.I was able to find a job with a different company but during the time I was out 3 of my 5 largest accts have gone under.Those that are left I have been able to get accts opened for maybe half because so many are in trouble.When you are commission based your income takes a he11 of a lick.I think that you will see alot of hard working educated people who didn't get in over thier head affected by this slowdown before its over.

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Default RE: So how are we all doing - really?

Menzies, you do a good job of bringining us out old buddy. I remember you from posts past.
Well in my family our little group of crazy people are OK! My job, well I'm gonna be sixty this year and I got a few bucks saved but no big stock market wins. I'm lucky to make 5% on my money. Our house is paid and we have no debt. We have a couple of special needs kids who will burn up whatever we have saved but after I'm dead I really don't care what they do with what we leave them...if anything.
Right now I seem to feel that how I leave the business I'm in means something but really I should just say seeya!
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Default RE: So how are we all doing - really?

i only went to jail once so far this year
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Default RE: So how are we all doing - really?

My goal is to stay out of the hospitals,and doctors office,and stop taking soooooo many meds.If I can spend more time on the water,and away from work( and people that might piss me off) I think I can ride this out.Still have all the debt to pay down,so got to keep going,and make the best of it and keep a sence of humor.This too shall come to pass......
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

Being retired on a fixed income of sorts!I retired in 2003 so since then my overhead has increased quite a bit.One thing for sure it could be a whole lot worse.My heath is good and wouldn`t trade that for anything and so far havn`t had to raid my IRA`s.I don`t owe anybody except the IRS anything so I`m just rideing the waves.
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

Well in the type of business I'm in my current customers carry the business and my new customers provide my raise. Well this year I took a 15% pay raise so I'd say buisness so far is doing just fine. I went out in the boat yesterday for the first time in about two months. I saw a bunch of people on the water spending $3.50 a gallon on gas to catch $9.00 a pound fish so they must be doing ok too.
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

Goldman and Citi moving tens of billions of dollars of assets to Level III classification last week further confirmed my belief of how royally sorry i will watch my languageed our financial markets are and how cripling the effects will be for the coming decade.

Dislocations from excessive (and unsustainable) leverage will be unprecedented in the history of financial markets.
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

Purchased house in 1984, and I'm down to the last 5 years of the mortgage. No credit card bills. All cars and boat paid off. Good job in computer security (lots of job security there). Great wife and two boys doing great in school. Life is good. BUT, I have lived below my means all my life. Saved 10% of every paycheck and lived inside the 90% that is left. Don't miss all the big screen TVs, BMWs, Mercedes, etc. Great way to live.

Can't say that about most of my neighborhood though. Based on the "Owned by Bank" signs, I'd suspect most lived at 105% of their paycheck for the last several years.

What irks me is that I'm penalized for saving, and they will get a taxpayer supported bailout.



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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

I spoke to an old buddy today that went through some tough times. He owed 8k on a BOA credit card. He hadn't made payments. They offered him a "deal" to pay 1,000 and all would be settled. That is disturbing.
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

There is a reason why credit card interest rates are in the mid to upper teens, while risk free short term rates are under 5% - there is a rather hefty presumed default rate built in. If you are a leech that has no intention or means of elevating your station, you can live a pretty good life staying one step ahead of the repo man.
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

My business continues to grow, and sales are up from this time last year. I am in the building trades and our work is very specialized, and we are fortunate that we are always busy. Thats a good thing too after building the new shop last year, absorbing the cost of moving 65,000 lbs. of machinery, and being down for a few weeks. My wife and I are getting along and the kids are healthy. Just had the best ski season of my life with about 45 days under my belt, skied powder up to my waist more than a few times, and going spring skiing tomorrow with some friends.
Hope to have the boat in the water this weekend, with temps in the low 60's by the end of the week, my daughter keeps asking for a boat ride.
Life is good.
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Default Re: So how are we all doing - really?

Menzies - 4/10/2008 10:22 PM
Joe - 4/10/2008 10:16 PM Certainly a personal thing. 4 of my neighbors have their houses for sale to move to bigger houses., and 2 of then look to have children in the near future. I'm not a "kid" kind of person, but that makes them happy, so I'd say they are doing as well anyone could ever do.
Certainly is. It will be interesting to see how their demeanor may change if their houses don't sell or when buyers come in with low-ball offers! Keep us updated!
Update: 15 days after putting their house up for sale and my next door neighboragreed to one of the2 offers they got; the one they settled on was $3K less than asking price, and they close in May. They actually close much sooner than they originally thought (their new house hasn't even started yet) and they are concerned where they are going to live for a few months.

Other neighbor closes on his new house end of May. Not sure on the 3rd neighbor; I know they have a contract and are due to close soon. 4th neighbor has had a few lookers, but no offers that I know of.
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