Horseshoes -Texas style

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Default Horseshoes -Texas style

I guess everything is bigger in Texas!

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Default Re: Horseshoes -Texas style

You know your a redneck when ........
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Default Re: Horseshoes -Texas style

Just wouldn't have the proper "ring" to it.
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Default Re: Horseshoes -Texas style

Let's hope they wash their hands when they are done.
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Default RE: Horseshoes -Texas style

Though tex is in my handle, I am actually from the east coast. However, my company has a lot of projects in Texas.

I first thought that's gotta be posed / joke. Then again, I have seen a number of towns with city operated horseshoe courts in tx, and I think it may even be a competitive sport here. Probably not with toilet seats though.

Although, Texas has hundreds of tiny towns with not much in terms of entertainment, and folks love their beer here. A really hot 100 degree day and a couple of cases of Lonestar, I can see it happening...easy

Washing their hands???...wouldn't count on it. Not a good thought if you are at a barbeque
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Default RE: Horseshoes -Texas style

bmkshort - 4/7/2008 9:53 AM

I guess everything is bigger in Texas!

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