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Default Concrete base for Basketball goal


I went to Home Depot last night trying to get some information on the above topic, what a complete waste of time.

Here is the situation: based on the configuration of my driveway, there is only one spot that would work for the B-ball hoop. The only problem with this location is that it is elevated +/- 3' with a retaining wall. I was planning on using a 12" sonic tube buried 3'-4' and then leveled with the driveway for a total tube length of 6'-7'. I would reinforce with 4 vertically placed rebar rods. Will a 12" tube support the B-ball goal with 3'-4' of exposed tube? What type of concrete should I use, Quickcrete or call O&G and have them deliver some 3000 psi concrete. This will be one of the heavy duty adjustable goals. My kids are playing any where form 8' to 10' rims in the Y-league. Also important to note, on occasion, I imagine there will be 200 lbs + men, living the dream, dunking on this.

Should I pour a footing on the bottom of the hole, creating an upside down mushroom when complete, before I place the tube in the ground and backfill.

I plan on having this done by my landscaping crew, but I want to make sure they do it correctly.


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Default Re: Concrete base for Basketball goal

My dad took a metal pipe to a welding shop and they bent it to a rounded 90 degree angle. He then put the backboard/goal onto the pipe. He dug the hole and poured cement "Quickrete" into the hole. The hole was at least 4 feet deep. They then put the pipe into the hole and somehow, I can't remember how supported the goal until everything was dried. The end result was pretty good. The hole was at least 5 to 6 feet behind the driveway edge. The basket protruded about a foot or two over the edge of the driveway. In other words you could go in for a layup and not worry about running into the pole. Have I confused you now? LOL. Good luck.
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Default RE: Concrete base for Basketball goal

I would pour a small footing with some #4's or 5's J-hooked sticking out the top vertically.

Then set your sono tube and pour it, essentially two seperate pours. Or, you could try and pour it monolithic.

The footing will add much needed support especially if you two are dunking

In all seriousness, it will certainly not go any where. I'd also tell you to buy the 3000 from the local concrete company if you can afford it. They are probably gonna hit you with a delivery charge because you don't order the minimum (8 yards), but at least you won't have to hand mix it.

Otherwise I would just use the bag concrete.

Good Luck
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Default Re: Concrete base for Basketball goal

the 12" question for your tube is all a matter of soil type, what is yours more specifically?

If you have good soil (firm clay), the tube may be unnecessary all together, just get a 2 man auger, and bore a 12" diameter or larger hole as deep as you can, try to go at least a foot into the ground deeper than the retaining wall in that spot. You may use a short tube at the surface just to give you a nice finished look above the ground surface. Used bagged concrete, just try to avoid any fast set variety, it has calcium in it that could weaken it. Be sure to mix it outside of the hole with the proper amount of water. Whatever you do, don't wet down the mix in the hole, this will create very weak concrete that will have pockets of unactivated mix. Also, you may want to put a couple of pieces of rebar through the post to help it bite the concrete. Once the concrete is in the hole, the proper thing to do is to run a vibrator in it to get rid of any air pockets. You can do the same thing with a long rod as long as you work it straight up and down throughout the entire hole several times. To finish the pour, smooth the top of the tube with a pool trowel until all of the stones are below the surface, and the grout rises to the top. Once the mix is set up sufficiently, you can remove the tube and do the same to the sides of the above ground portion.

PS: a good idea for the proper diameter of your hole, take a look at the bases for metal parking lot light poles in your area (newer construction). 1/2 to 2/3 of that size should be plenty, assuming that it is over 12".
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