Video Recorder On Steroids!

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Default Video Recorder On Steroids!

I recently started a "quest" to find a way to distribute my DVR output to other TV's (such as the fitness room, Master bedroom, etc.). I found a really neat device that lets you distribute HD signals up to five sets. Since there is just the two of us usually, I don't need to get different signals, just all HDTV's using the same signal. It takes some RG-6 quad shield, but it works great, and I have it working on all 5 HDTV's (kitchen, Great Room, Master BR, Guest room and Fitness room. Check out the Cable Electronics AV501 HDX component video/audio distribution network!

Each set can control the DVR (Moxie w/ 500 GB external hard drive) via a charter remote and a Radio Shack IR transmitter/receiver set. The system displays the same audio/video on all sets, but I do have an option to display separate cable/OTA/DVD and Replay on the Great Room and Master BR.

Maximum cable run was 55', since all runs were pretty direct. The main floor is above a 2' top loaded truss, so I have great spaces below the floor with lots of access doors in the ceilings below for fishing wires. All runs were RG-6 quad shield, terminated with RCA connectors.
My wife thought it was a "brain f@rt" while I was installing, but she made me go out and convert the last two analog TVs to HDTV when she saw it perform on the three I already had!
$150 included shipping, plus cable and connectors, plus IR devices.


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