Rental cars beware !

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Default Rental cars beware !

Read your contract !
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Default Re: Rental cars beware !

Rental car companies = legal rip-off. Rented the least expensive car I could find in Cabo 2 Novembers ago. Total cost for this crappy car was $128 for 5 days with all fees included. All this in writing. This car was a 4 door Nissan, A/C didn't work, I had to find a 2x4 on the side of the road to brace the back seat(when you sat in it, it caved in and you fell into the trunk), almost every body panel had a large dent in it... a true piece of crap. When we returned it, the total charge came to almost $300. The company was Thrifty.

I argued with Thrifty and they said that although it is a Thrifty, they could not tell an international location what to do. I then tried to challenge the over-charge on my credit card and they also said nothing could be done because it was international.

While arguing in Cabo, they just laughed. I told the guy, just another gringo you ripped off right? He laughed and said..."you keep coming don't you?" The continual rip-offs in Mexico are the reason I seldom go. I have been to Mexico twice in the last 15 years or so because of that.
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Default Re: Rental cars beware !

WE JUST NEED TO TAKE MEXICO. Let's let one paycheck to the middle east go and put it towards buying Mexico. Then all our issues regarding illegals is fixed and fixed at a less cost to the tax payer. Plus we gain an asset, Real Estate.

I'm all for it.
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Default Re: Rental cars beware !

Funny, I just rented a Hertz car on a recent trip booked through Expedia and when I returned the car, I was charged $45 for putting my wife on the drivers list. Now Hertz took it off but they told me the reason was I booked through Expedia and I get a very low rate(I doubt that) and when I ask for my wife to be put on Hertz just added the $45 dollars and the girls at the check out station did not even know it would be added on. They said to book through AAA or there web site to do it right and sign on as a member or frequent user and get basically the same deal.
Oh yes, I have never really got a true full tank of gas anywhere, so I just fill it up and drive to the Check in and as long as it looks full no one up to now has ever questioned it. For them to fill it up in Nebraska was $7.90 a gallon.
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