Careful What You Say

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Default Careful What You Say

A husband and wife were driving along when she asked the ?.If idie,would you remarry?,.The husband says no.The wife asks why not,don'tyou like married life?,.The husband reply's..ok,ok,..i'd remarry.Thewife ask's,would she live in our house?,.The husband'sa nice house.The wife ask's,.would she sleep in our bed?,.The husbandsays yes...where else would we sleep.The wife asks,would she wear myjewlery?,.The husband'd probably want her own.The wifeasks,would you replace my pictures with hers?,.The would probably be the proper thing to do.The wife,withhurt feelings from all her husbands answers...asks..would you take herBow hunting with you?,.The husband replys...yes...those are alway'sgood times.The wife,more hurt than ever than asks..would you let hershoot my Bow?,.The husband reply''s left handed.....Thewife;-(silence).......The husband;..oh crap.
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Hey Frank......Your wife just called me!
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