Check this Boat out!!!!

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Default Check this Boat out!!!!
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Default Re: Check this Boat out!!!!

I'd like to see it hit the boat wake that was filming alongside. Now that would be funny. I wonder if it has floatation built in.
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Default Re: Check this Boat out!!!!

Pretty cool...

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Default Re: Check this Boat out!!!!

The pole holder in the passengers seat wasn't bad.
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Default Re: Check this Boat out!!!!

Very James Bond. All it needs is a bullet proof shield that comes up in the rear and some pop-up machine guns up front.
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Default RE: Check this Boat out!!!!

Somebody had some time and money......pretty cool though...just dont hit any waves
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Default Re: Check this Boat out!!!!

The car is NOT a one off custom build, you can buy the sports car version or the Humdinga or the Quadski, yes they have flotation, yes they meet requirements..

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