My First Ballet

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Default My First Ballet

Took my young 'un to his and my first ballet yesterday as part of a field trip with his nursery school. Mamma couldn't get away from the office, so Daddy volunteered for the trip.

It was performed by a local high school outfit at a college auditorium, and I was one of a very few males in the audience sandwiched between a bunch of soccer moms. That part actually wasn't that bad!

I gotta tell you, I don't know what the heck anybody is supposed to get out of those things. My son and his little buddy who rode with us were entertained for about the first five minutes. After that, every time the lighting changed, one or both of them would ask, "Is it over?" Watching those two and listening to them was the highlight of the whole deal.

When the dancers left the stage after one act and then re-appeared in the stage door to come back on stage, my son says in a very loud and disgusted little voice, "Oh no, not again!" Even the soccer mom next to us got a giggle out of that one.

Oh yeah, it was "The Nutcracker". The only thing that would hold my attention in one of these things would be hoping for a wardrobe malfunction with a ballerina suit. Given this was mainly high schoolers, I couldn't even hope for that without being some kind of pervert or something!
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Default RE: My First Ballet

Whew.............I thought you were gonna complain about the leotard riding up your arszzzz

Had a bad image there for a second
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Default RE: My First Ballet

There are just SOME things that, even on THT, you DON'T admit to - and THIS is ONE of them!

Going to a ballet (for me) ranks right AFTER a trip to the OPERA!

Now - if you son asks for a "tutu" for Christmas, buy him a "CHOO-CHOO" and swear it was a mistake in "communication"!

I guess "kudos" are due, though - for making him (and YOU!) well-rounded!

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Default Re: My First Ballet

I feel your pain there Randy, when I was a teenager my littlle sister took ballet classes and I had to go to all her recitals.
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Default Re: My First Ballet

My first, and only, ballet was on a trip to Beijing when we had a chance to see the Chinese Ballet perform at the Beijing Opera House. We ate in the opera house restaurant with gold chop sticks, then had good seats for the performance. We had an English program specially made for us so that we could understand the story.

All in all, a good experinece. But not one I would actually pay to repeat.

The Opera House

View from the restaurant balcony

Seats, front row of balcony.

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Default RE: My First Ballet

Take em to "Riverdance" next time-the music is great
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Default Re: My First Ballet

I must have that ivillage virus again........................

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Default Re: My First Ballet

LOL Sorry for that heartbeat skip with the thread title! As for me being well rounded, pizza and beer have made me rounder than I ever wanted to be. Tip toeing around ain't as easy as it used to be neither!

At least I didn't pay to watch a ballet and then post pictures of it like Menzies did!

Based of little Bubba Jr's reaction, I don't see a tu tu in his future. It was really sorta fun to watch parts of that thing where they had little kids out there dressed up as mice. I know that a ballet is supposed to tell a story, but I still ain't figured that one out yet. The only story I picked up on was an adult male in the ballet who was wearing an ear ring. Then again, I'm thinkin' Tinkerbell was a ballet too wasn't it?

Now if his nursery school decides to take a field trip to an opera, that's where I'm gonna draw the line... he's gonna be sick that day. If they decide to take those kids to a rap concert, well this dawg might just go a huntin'... a school teacher.
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Default Re: My First Ballet

AAwww, you are a good "Ballet Dad" afterall! Kudos to you for taking them to the show. Enjoy your weekend!
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