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timebandit 11-07-2007 08:26 PM

Pattern of collusion!!!
Cumo and Wamu! :nono: One extreme to the other.

The loan is business is shot in the azz. I spent my entire existence working toward a 750 score and they won't loan me a $1. :mad: C'Mon. :banghead:

Credit just became that more valuable.

Bugbuster 11-08-2007 03:43 AM

Re: Pattern of collusion!!!
Yep, when the gubmint gets through with our gubmint backed mortgage buyers (fanny and freddy), no one will be able to buy a house. The jumbo loan is almost dead now, and all mortgage loans will be dead soon. I actually saw this coming last year, I just didn't realize how far the tentacles would reach. Suggestion, start a small business (even though it is a ghost) and build it's credit. You be amazed how easy credit will come for a business as apposed to personal. Just a thought. Oh yeah, give the business a spanish name, that will help too.

Garett 11-08-2007 05:06 AM

Re: Pattern of collusion!!!
I know, go figure.

I bought my first house over the phone, I called the amount in and asked if I could borrow that amount and I was approved over the phone. I immediately drove to the bank and picked up my check and signed the papers.
Years later I moved everything over to the Misses name to establish the Misses credit the meantime mine fell off the planet = 0, who are you?
Since we have worked hard to reestablish my credit, as of a few months ago I was an 830. The kicker is, even though my credit score fell off the charts and we have worked hard to reestablish it without loosing ground on the Misses score, hers is only a 680 to my 830.....go figure. :roll ;?

Like it or not, but get all the credit cards you can.....make a purchase and then pay it off immediately, then put the card away. In a few months time contact the credit card company and ask for the spending limit of the card to be raised....them make a purchase and pay the balance off before your first bill statement comes in. Then put the card away again. In a few months time ask the credit card company to raise the limit again....etc, etc. Do this with every single credit card you can get.
What I have found, but I don't know with certainty, is it is easier to maintain a high credit score then it is to get one. Once a high credit score is achieved cut up the majority of those credit cards. ;)

TN FREEBIRD 11-08-2007 05:33 AM

Re: Pattern of collusion!!!
Hate to start an argument, but that credit card deal will not raise your credit score. Are you telling us that's how you went from a 0 to an 830?

ClassicCruiseR 11-11-2007 01:26 AM

Re: Pattern of collusion!!!
yep, i agree with TN.......paying off a balance wont do anything to raise a score...and depending on the amounts and circumstances may even lower it....
if your going to play the credit card game, you need to spend about 30% of that cards max limit.....and keep it there as long as possible, suck it up and pay the minimum amount each month, or just a little more.......key is to keep the card around 1/3 credit given VS value of card......
and always always always pay the bill on the exact day its due...not a day before, or a day after...thats the real key to raising a score with credit cards.....
a very expensive way to do it, but it works........after all, the big three are in it to make money im sure like the everyone else......their money (though i have no idea how the scale works) comes in the form of fees charged to the credit companies for your info, i bet there is a sliding scale for length of loans, amounts, etc......

ClassicCruiseR 11-11-2007 01:29 AM

Re: Pattern of collusion!!!
does the misses work ??....i bet that has alot to do with the lower score

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