Horrible story

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Default Horrible story

This is a very sad stroy the only reason I post it is that I hope evryone says a prayer for this family...... just horrible.,2933,308196,00.html

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Default Re: Horrible story

Very sad indeed.

Count to ten now and wait for the seatbelt Nazi's to chime in.
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Default Re: Horrible story

I myself have to wonder what it is John did in his last life to deserve such misery in this life?

To comment on CJS's last comment, we up here, all children under (I think it is) 4'9" have to be seated in some sort of booster's our law.
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Default Re: Horrible story

Man thats terrible. By the way the speed limit is 80 out that way west of San Antonio. Maybe the wind and that speed was a bad combo.
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Default Re: Horrible story

Well, if any of us were feeling sorry for ourselves this story should make us appreciate how good we have it.

I don't know why the "seatbelt nazi" comment had to come into play, but I would NEVER operate a vehicle with my son unbelted. Now is not the time to place blame, but I bet that mother would never do it again given the chance.

God bless that family.
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Default Re: Horrible story

ANYTIME children die it's terrible, and I'm convinced that God has a special place for them to rest and await to be reunited. In this particular case I feel that God has dished out about all the poor soldier and his wife can handle....... Prayers sent times 4.............
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Default Re: Horrible story

This pisses me off. It's shear stupidy how anyone can put kids in the back of a car without seatbelts. I see it more times than you can imagine too.
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