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I bought the I phone for my son. (His birthday present) He dropped it from his bed with the rubber protective cover on and the glass broke, more of a hair line crack. Has anyone else had a problem with this phone. I was there when it broke, it dropped no more than 2 feet. It seem very delicate. Anybody else have a problem with the glass. I called Apple today, $200 To replace or repair. Thanks
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In general, the 'modern' Apple is know for quality hardware and excellent support. If you were to take that phone to an Apple store and tell them what happened they may replace it on the spot. That's what they did with my son's iPod. He put it thru the washing machine, wanted to know if it should be repaired under the warranty. I told him "no" but he took it to the Apple store anyway and the guy said "yeah, that stuff sometimes happens" and handed him a brand new iPod.

Fyi, me thinks Apple is going to get sued, if a lawsuit hasn't already been filed, over the way Apple is handling the sell of iPhones. Even the hardcore Apple can do no wrong Apple-holics are pissed off at Apple over the new "rules".

Note: every iPhone that is activated puts $432.00 into Apple's pocket. That's Apple's cut in the new iPhone scheme.

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